dotComments: Flippancy abounds |

dotComments: Flippancy abounds

Aspen, CO Colorado

The answer options to The Aspen Times online polls garnered comment last week from readers in response to a letter to the editor complaining about the bias shown in the answer choices.Georgia Hansons Aug. 20 letter, Flip answers ruin online polls, struck a chord with one online reader, who responded: Georgia Hanson has made a very valid point that The Aspen Times weekly poll COULD provide a valuable service to the community giving worthwhile feedback on residents thinkingexcept one of the choices is invariably sillywhich may be amusing, but discounts the poll responses. The Times has a good opinion poll in place where people can enjoy responding, so why not make the best use of it and offer realistic choices, so its not for naught! On the other hand, there was this: Hmmmm…lemme guess – the majority poll is NOT your opinion and somehow you have deduced that it must be the Times fault?? Suuuurre. Maybe thats how people really feel – crazy concept, I know. Thats right, youre from Texas Speaking of flip responses, an Aug. 21 letter from a Texas woman who was amazed to spot a bear while she was hiking with her husband near Maroon Lake We could not tell what kind of bear it was, she wrote prompted several readers to venture a guess.Said one: It was a vegetarian republican bear that didnt tax and spend.Offered another: It wasnt a bear. It was Big Foot, and darn! Another missed photo op!There was also this: Im going to go out on a limb here and say it was a Black Bear…And: Youve got to be kidding! You saw a bear at the Maroon Bells! Unbelievable! Why isnt this on the front page? Lear and jeer?The Aspen Times Weekly cover story, Aspens dirty little secret (its airport), prompted this suggestion: It would be most helpful if you published a list of names and photographs of those who abuse our environment in the order of the magnitude of the offense. I suggest that those who fly their jets in and out of Aspen voluntarily abide by some general guidelines. These include limiting high performance takeoffs, limiting flying over wilderness areas, and limiting takeoffs at night. I suggest that the county commissioners close the airport when health risks are high. That is during periods of temperature inversion, periods of high congestion and when the voluntary suggestions are not observed.In light of the recent flurry of jet traffic surrounding McCains visit it would seem prudent to lobby to have the campaign finance laws rewritten to make the environment more of a priority during election years.The laws regarding private aircraft are subject to review and change. It is not a given that we should suffer the fallout from it, forever. Wheres Bob?Last weeks report on the nearly empty Pitkin County jail elicited this jab at the sheriff:If the Pitco cops would do their job on hwy 82 they could easily fill the jails. Wheres Bob and the Boys ? Drinking at the Woody creek tavern ????? Hand out the pink slipsFinally, the Aug. 19 article, Building activity slows in Aspen, generated this suggestion:Reducing the staff of the largest employer in Aspen (our government) by 27 plus percent is by far the most cost effective way to reduce our governments demand for affordable housing. A 27 percent drop in revenue for Mr. Bendons department should mean firing 27 plus percent of existing staff members and a correlating 27 plus percent reduction in non-city owned off site rental office space. Any department manager that fails to recognize that things have changed and willfully opts not to make department changes accordingly should also be fired. So start handing out those pink slips today, Mr. Bendon and relieve some stress on local housing needs while you are at it!

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