dotComments: Dog fight has readers snarling |

dotComments: Dog fight has readers snarling

Aspen Times Staff

A midvalley altercation involving a pit bull riled readers last week, judging from the comments posted at

An Aug. 16 article regarding the incident, in which a pit bull and mastiff mix being walked on a leash in the West Bank Mesa neighborhood were approached by an off-leash Labrador and Lhasa apso, provoked both letters to the editor an online comments. The Lhasa apso wound up with 60 stitches in its throat, according to the news report, but most readers weren’t blaming the pit bull or the mastiff, though the owner of the small dog reportedly wound up advocating a ban on pit bulls in West Bank.

Said one reader:

Offered another:

And, there was this:

But, there were also observations like this one:

Another reader had this to say:

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Last week’s Aspen Times online poll, which sought reader input on the controversial extension of the Rio Grande Trail between Hooks Lane and the Catherine Store bridge, generated comments as well as votes.

There was this, for example:

Someone also had this to say:

The aforementioned comment spurred this response:

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Finally, the Aspen Skiing Company’s announcement last week that this season’s advertising campaign will take an environmental focus, prompted this response, in part:

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