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dotComments: Democratic panic attack

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As the U.S. presidential campaign heats up, so is the commentary about the candidates from online readers of The Aspen Times. Letters to the editor and columns that touched on the presidential race spurred plenty of online comment. A sampling: In response to Gary Hubbells Sept. 6 column: Sarah is The Democrats panic attack from Hell. In response to Addison Gardners Sept. 9 column about Sarah Palin was this: Thank you, Addison. Your article is brilliant. Id just like to add that Alaskas proximity to Russia behooves Gov Palin to bear amongst the highest ranking security clearances for intelligence on Homeland Security issues. This all-American mom has more experience/knowledge in international affairs and government than Obama could ever pretend to have. Lets apply Barracks own logic to Barrack: You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig. Hows this: You can put a speech-making senator in front of a large crowd in Germany, but hes still an inexperienced man who has never governed anything, let alone the most powerful nation on earth. Theres a new, glossy shade of lipstick out this fall. It is called smoke & mirrors. Perfect for democrats. Columnist Su Lums Sept. 10 take on McCain/Palin ticket also generated reponse, including this: Vote for Obama/Biden and you will get another decade of name-calling and anger, sort of like this column. The us against them! mentality that has kept Washington vapor-locked since 2000 and before. McCain and Palin will offer real change, and it wont be change that comes of screaming at each other. There was also this: Sue, I can understand the democrats and the need for change; W is a lame duck now. However, do you really want a socialist in office. Do you want part of your earnings to go to those less fortunate (usually those who drop out and sponge off the rest of us)? One thing you forgot, us republicans did not like McCain. He is a RINO. However, at this point he at least will make sure we are safe and wont raise our taxes. With Obama, he will be a great Senator, one day. He just needs more experience. Load of crap Regarding the Aspen Times report on the Forest Services intention to crack down on snowmobilers on the back of Aspen Mountain this winter, keeping the machines on the roads, there was this: What a load of crap and complete waste of tax payer money. Another blow to us locals for the benefit of the rich. I have such great memories of everyone sharing this amazing terrain with no issues at all!!! There is just no reason the Forest Service should be doing this. I think we need to take a look at who is making these irrational decisions and send them back to New York! Got gas? The city of Aspens plan to hike its electric rates prompted this response: Im searching the internet today to replace my electric clothes dryer, electric water heaters, electric ovens, electric stove top, electric baseboards and electric a/c with natural gas models so I can enjoy paying electric rates in the lowest tier for the limited electricity I will be using after this wholesale conversion to fossil fuels. These tiered rates provide a fiscal incentive to move from renewable to fossil fuels for all household appliances in any new spec home or affordable housing project. BTW – is the government installing fossil fuel appliances in affordable housing these days? Dog people Citizens attending a discussion about Krabloonik, the Snowmass Village dog-sledding operation, elicited this observation (originally posted in all caps): Wow, I think if a male is looking for a woman to date, he should have gone to the meeting last night the majority of these dog people are female. Makes me wonder. Alot of daddys ilttle girls still trying to get there ways! Then came this: What kind of idiotic comment is that? Im not even actually sure what you mean. Im a female and I personally think the kennels are fine the way they are. And next time try proof-reading before hitting submit.

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