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dotComments: Dead heads, etc.

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A moose in the news, smoking, parking, avalanches and immigrants theyre all topics that caught the attention of online readers of The Aspen Times last week.The Dec. 18 article about the buyer who ponied up for a mounted moose head being hawked in the Aspen City Market parking lot (Man scores moose head) produced this from the reader who goes by the screen name snowlove: Wow! This is news??? Pretty funny though. Never have understood why hanging a dead animals head on a wall was so popular. I mean, why not stuff the whole animal and have something you can sit on? Pretend to ride the thing around. A small victoryA decision by Centennial homeowners to nix a proposed smoking ban at their Aspen condo complex (Smoking ban idea snuffed at Centennial, Dec. 17) also elicited online comment, including this one from the reader known as napsi: Wow, Who would have thought a little freedom still exists in Aspen! Congrats to those of you who voted for personal responsibility and rejected the Nanny State. A small victory but Ill take it. Light up! Drop in the bucketAspens free-parking promotion (Aspen offers free downtown parking for two Saturdays, Dec. 12) also spurred reader comment. Wrote kncb: Free parking is the best idea that the auto disincentive terorists have come up with.Offered Logjam: I think if you can afford to shop downtown Aspen instead of down valley. You most likely can afford to pay for parking. Its a drop in the bucket. Added Private Citizen: Another instance of bobble headed thinking. Logjam is right, if you can afford to shop in Aspen, you can afford to park. The parking department already is down $500,000 of misspent funds, have spent thousands on more parking meters and cell phone parking service to Canada. Will losing $6-7,000/day mean, us local folks are going to have to pay through the nose at someother time? Pure jerksAnd, speaking of parking, the citys Snow Tow program, which towed 25 vehicles on its first night of the winter season (Oh, no! Snow Tow!, Dec. 18), sparked this from fcg:Nice piece of income for the city. $135 per the 25 vehicles is $3375 for a few hours of fun. a customer service officer? Nice title. More accurate: a revenue agent. No, they did not tow mine. Added snowcrow: Gee…I guess a warning wouldnt have worked! What losers…what a way to say, hey, welcome to Aspen,…were glad youre here during this economic disaster…and we intend to make $$ any way we can. Pure jerks…Out of the whiteThe death of area resident Cory Brettmann, the former Aspen ski patroller who was killed Dec. 14 in an out-of-bounds avalanche on Aspen Mountain, also spurred comment. There was this from shredHead: Horrible; this was an experienced X-patroller who knew that run- its tight and steep and the sluff on Kristys and Hyrupps was enough to keep me off those aspect- my condolences to his girls and wife and friends and family. Anyone who goes out of bounds this season, please ck the avy reports on line and respect the mountain- it comes and claims those who least expect it out of the white- The Dec. 15 recounting of an in-bounds avalanche that caught a Vail skier (Vail skier caught in avalanche: It freaked me out ) prompted this from holykailas: Yes its hard to believe they had an in-bounds avalanche, considering how flat that mountain is. Aspen rules!! More jobs for gringos A Dec. 14 article (Some Mexicans leaving U.S., planning never to return) garnered this response from cabindream: Im sorry that they have hit hard times, but Im glad this will allow more jobs to be available for native or legal americans. Hopefully immigration & employment laws will be more stringent in the days and years to come, so only those who have full rights to have those jobs will be able to have them!! Last time I was at City Market Aspen I used more spanish during check out then when I was in a grocery store in Mexico this fall! That is just pathetic and Ive avoided City Market ever since!

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