dotComments: Cut the cheese, blame the dog |

dotComments: Cut the cheese, blame the dog

Last weeks news of a proposed experiment allowing dogs to ride Aspens city buses generated plenty of comment from online readers of The Aspen Times. Most, it seemed, didnt favor the idea, though one reader pointed out at least one potential benefit to letting the pooches on board: Well, there is one good thing about letting dogs ride the bus. On those days when you were feeling a little gassy you could sneak one out and blame it on the dogs. There was also this: Oh great. The buses are dirty enough already…so will the dogs get to sit on the seats with their muddy feet? Has anyone thought about how crowded the buses get during peak times? Does it make sense to let dogs take up space that is meant for humans? If RFTA becomes a kennel on wheels, I will cease to ride the bus and start driving instead. Some of us dont want to live in a dog world. And this: Hey, wait a minute………. What about us cat people??? I mean, when Rockys in the mood hes a darned good little friend. and, if he happened to puke up a fishy hairball, I’d clean it right up. fairs fair! There was also this excerpt from one critic: This is an idea which ranks with the lunacy of a valley rail system for sheer childishness and lack of objective thought. But, there was also support for the idea: I for one think its a great idea! I often decide to drive since I do have my dog, but would me much more inclined to take the bus if i could take my dog. For those who are afraid of dogs, what do you do when you walk through town or go into many stores where dogs are politely parked outside. We live in a dog friendly community – lets include them in the in effort go green.And while we are at it – how about a dog park – and we could take the bus to the park!! Now there is an idea!! How bout free rides? Speaking of buses, Fridays report on the approved increase in Roaring Fork Transportation Agency pass prices triggered this idea: why dont we just raise the tax that supports rfta even more and let everyone on for free. oh wait, that would be socialist, cant have that. Revenge of the Tippler? Fridays report, Buyer uprising at Residences at Little Nell in Aspen, regarding excavation troubles for the luxury residence hotel thats going up where the old Tippler nightclub once existed, elicited this from a reader: Good, dead stop… I hope the soil suffers from liquifaction and flows right down the hill. The Revenge of the Tippler is at hand! All the greed mongers who sold out, ruining the greatest apres ski bar in the town, should lie awake at night worrying about their destructive plans. I hope the whole thing folds up and goes away. Back to the drawing board The Nov. 10 report on the latest development proposal for Ace Lanes property in El Jebel spurred this response: I read this in disbelief. How is this an improvement? Did anyone look into the diverse type of housing our valley workers and familes need and want? Small quarters, sharing walls, and next to the highway is fine for rentals but is this not supposed to be a family neighborhood? Bring back the single family homes. They dont need to be on big lots or large in size, they just need to offer the same quality of life other communities offer and that can only be found with an option of owning your own house. Think about it. This project is worse than the previous two versions by far and too big as well. Speak up people and send these short sighted planners back to the drawing board!

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