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dotComments: Cuffs for Condi?

A letter to the editor expressing dismay at The Aspen Institutes intention to give a leadership award to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice next weekend in Aspen spurred plenty of comment from online readers of The Aspen Times.Replied one reader to the letter writer, Mabel Macdonald: hey mabel, why dont you pull your head out of the sand. you liberal fools are all the same. and honestly, who are you to judge the actions of Ms Rice? what do you do everyday or anyday for that matter to protect the very freedom you condone? your lives in the valley are totally insulated from reality. good god you are all so naive.There was also this excerpt: The Aspen institute is a left wing think tank. The fact they consider Sec. Rice worthy should be enough. I assure she has done more good in her life than most. so please don’t attend. And this: Ms. Rice can only redeem herself if she prevents an attack on Iran. Otherwise she will leave office as an ineffective Sec. of State. From yet another reader came this excerpt: And the Institute is giving her an award? For what? Government by fear and deceit.How about a gold medal encrusted with blood diamonds for outrageous fearmongering.Stainless steel handcuffs and a free trip to war crimes trial are more appropriate.You left out cannibalism Paul Andersens July 21 column supporting homegrown food elicited feedback, including this: You cant eat a golf course. You cant eat a subdivision. You cant eat a high-rise condo hotel. But you can eat food from a farm tended by loving hands, caring hearts, and sound farming know-how. The time is ripe for supporting homegrown food. Gee Paul, you left out cannibalism. You could call that homegrown food. There was also this: Aspen has a short growing season. Prepare to eat fish, meat and preserves. Glimmer of hope Last weeks report on Pitkin County real estate sale volume, which was down 50 percent for the first half of 2008, compared to the first six months of 2007, prompted this: A glimmer of hope for this valley. And this: Whew! For a moment I thought I was the only REALTOR with a 50 percent reduction in my take home powder but now I see the volume is down 50 percent across the board so others must also have 50 percent fewer coins jingling around in their pockets to spend flying private. Argh, I cant imagine having to fly commercial again Two-faced townA July 22 report on royalty the king of Jordan and his family taking in a movie in Aspen while their limos idled, spurred this observation: Idling limos for two plus hours in a town filled with environmentalists. That sounds like it should be the breaking point for an all out nuclear assault from the environmental front. However, its funny how Aspen will excuse some for their environmental infractions, but banish others who do the exact same thing. I bet the folks of Aspen would also forgive the King if he wanted his groceries delivered in plastic bags, yet they want to forbid the citizens who call this place home from do so.What a two faced town. What happens in Snowmass Plans for a nightclub at the base of Fanny Hill in Snowmass Village (with an outdoor shower) spurred this observation: a smaller vegas or a bigger highlands. the market will cast the deciding vote.There was also this excerpt: Not sure how the shower fits in, but why not give it a go? This is the Snowmass Base Village, and it needs some new energy. I, for one, will certainly not be hanging out because of the Tree House. So, give me a real reason to be in the Base Village after 3:45 pm.Look at Aspen; there is plenty of nightlife while still offering a great family atmosphere and culture. Why cant Snowmass do a little bit of the same? It would have been great to keep it a quiet ski town, but that dream ended when the people voted YES on the Base Village. Now that it is here, lets make the most of it.

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