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dotComments: Crock of poo-poo

Aspen, CO Colorado

Aspens plan to strictly enforce the two-hour, free parking limit in its residential zones caught the attention of online readers of The Aspen Times last week.So did columnist Addison Gardners take on the medias coverage of Barack Obama.Regarding the citys plan to prevent people from parking all day for free, there was this:Growth control through parking control? Indeed, institute more barriers for the average Joe to come to Aspen and certainly, you will have less Joes to “deal” with. Just one question, what fun is “our” town with out the people we like to hang out with? Perhaps we should have an Aspen Visa. Only residents of Aspen can have one, everyone else must pay to get in the gates in order to see the wild life. And this: Why not let the X-Gamers try out our new parking laws first ????? And, in response to a letter to the editor from Shellie Roy on the topic: Shellie Roy is correct – this is another attempt for the city to put money in their empty pockets. There is something definitely wrong with this. I work 2 part time jobs: one in Aspen, one in SMV. The bus cannot get me to where I want to go when I need to get there. Now I need to pay $35 a week to work? What a crock of poo-poo. Obamamania Gardners July 29 column, Obamamania infects the media, elicited a number of comments, including this one: Laughed out loud! Obama isnt the anti-Christ, but its clear he’s being steered by handlers and not his own conscience….and Im not at all comfortable with the blind eyed frenzy. And this: Addison, You go, man! So refreshing to read an opinion in the media that isn’t left of Lenin. You rock! Offered another reader: Obama should run for Chancellor of Germany. He cant speak German, either, but he can pander in every language. But, there was also this: I will hold my nose and vote for Obama rather than vote for any other Republican.Its obvious that the press is favoring Barack, but thats because he is the best choice for president. Journalists are people with families before they are anything else. They should have a voice in this too, and if they help keep another Republican out of the White House, good. Free lunch and a red carpet Another letter to the editor objecting to the leadership award presented to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during her appearance Saturday at the Aspen Music Festival brought this response: The Aspen Institute, a world-renowned body is a bit of a stretch dont you think? the only reason anyone with any clout comes to aspen is for the free lunch and the red carpet you sheep roll out for them. world renowned……..thats almost as funny as that dumb woman who called aspen the new paris! just ridiculous. now go to work like the rest of the schleps in that valley so you can pay your $500k mortgage on a 1000 ft/2 house. Bubble wrap? Before a pair of independent audits cleared the city of Aspen of wrongdoing regarding the Burlingame housing development, one reader offered this prediction: Dont expect to find any problems with these audits. Dont expect any changes from the result of this snafu. Like G.W. Bush, the ego of our city officials and manager will guard them from harm. Gosh, I wish I had a pin sharp enough to burst their protective bubble. And, on the topic of Burlingame, there was this: The question remains whether it is a good idea for the City to be in the business of developing large scale real estate projects. Given the huge amounts of City employee hours, City Council hours, and other public resources (such as CA$H) already consumed, and to be consumed, by Burlingame it seems clear that large scale real estate development is best left to pros who actually know something about the subject. Readers may post comments to any article at, anonymously through use of a screen name if they like, by becoming a registered reader. Comments reprinted here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.

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