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dotComments: Cover up or just a big mistake?

Aspen, CO Colorado

Aspen city government be it Burlingame or the filming of City Council meetings captured reader attention last week, judging from comments posted at yeah, and there a were few (really, not many) comments about the new look of the Times website. Fridays report on one citizens demand for an investigation into whether or not the city broke a law with a Burlingame brochure, circulated before a vote on the housing project in 2005, prompted this comment: This is a COVER UP. The City Attorney is trying to prevent an independent legal investigation into whether the City broke the law. An audit might tell us about accounting issues, but it wont discuss whether the law was broken. Or is the City above the law? All animals are equal in Aspen, but some are more equal than others. A June 25 article regarding City Manager Steve Barwicks discussion about Burlingame with the Aspen Chamber Resort Association, and his explanation for the discrepancy between what the election brochure said it would cost to build Burlingame and what it has actually cost, also spurred comment, including this: Humans make mistakes and large numbers of them make big mistakes with other peoples money. Perhaps the Council and the City Hall can keep their construction projects on a critical path and post them on its website. This would serve as an up-to-date performance audit and keep everybody up to date on the progress and costs of each project. This might help the taxpayers learn that most big government projects are generally behindschedule and over cost. Said another reader: Big Brother will be well and truly pleased by Steve Barwicks doublespeak comments. The City’s lies were the truth. Black is white. Burlingame is doubleplusgood. Anyone who questions the numbers is an enemy of the State.There was also this: The following is shameless buck passing! The disconnect occurred when no one in City Hall realized that voters wouldnt understand the difference. Oh.., I as a voter am supposeed to look at the brochure THEY hand out and figure out its numbers are useless. Id bet dollars to cowchips City Hall didnt understand. Hell, they still dont! Smile, youre on cameraA report on the Aspen City Councils decision to have its work sessions taped by GrassRoots TV prompted this from a reader: Council ultimately made the good decision to fund, tape and broadcast work sessions, which will increase public access and information, and hopefully encourage more dialogue.However, we should not overlook the dangerous signs in Mayor Irelands comments, supported by Councilmen Skadron and Johnson on the 10th. His recent emails were full of comments indicating that he believed that Council had the authority to override the law, and make their own decision on electronic recording of meetings. His comments include statements about : – uninvited cameras, – cameras thrust upon us, -forced to agree without deliberation, – forced to comply within 24 hours. Despite his iron fisted authority, no decision was required on June 10. He denies he had the well documented, but unnecessary, notice of cameras. Now he wants us to change the subject. Perhaps we should, but we should not forget the arrogance. This was not the first time this Council put themselves above the law. Change is inevitable Regarding the Times redesigned website, there was this: I am not thrilled with new format – other newspapers have used this format and it is not like reading the newspaper on line. And this response: Wah wah wah… change is inevitable. Get over it and try to enjoy… if not, pick up a paper and read it instead. Doggy town On a proposed park for small dogs in Aspen, one reader offered this: In other cities they have designated dog parks with separate areas for small & large dogs. I think its a great idea. My small dog has been attacked by larger dominant dogs and I certainly understand the need for such a park in Aspen. Come on people, youre a doggy town, right?