dotComments: Comments and commemmorations |

dotComments: Comments and commemmorations

Our first online comment of the week came in on Tuesday in response to the tragic news of Keith “Kato” John Corn. The longtime valley resident died in a ski accident at Snowmass on March 25. Corn first moved to the area in 1980, taking a job as a maintenance man in Snowmass Village. He became a skilled tradesman, working construction throughout the region. He was 48 when he died.The Faveros chose not to remain anonymous with their commemoration.KATO was a friend of mine and my family we will miss him greatly, especially his stories, Keith could tell a story!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and prayers to Beth and familyThe Favero’sDOUG, KATHIE, BLAKE and JORDON”yellowhammers”•••Comment on the verbal barrage under way between two of Aspen’s great letter writers, Pete Luhn and Roger Marolt, spilled into The Aspen Times’ electronic commentary with this piece, which is actually commenting on a letter penned by yet another regular commentator, Emzy Veazy III. The letter, headlined “Let the joust begin,” was published on March 24; the comment was made on March 25:Having jousted a bit with Roger earlier this month, (letters 3/6/06) I’m looking forward to the results of this latest episode of illegal alien apologist vs. outraged American Patriot. Roger tried that ‘doing jobs Americans won’t do’ stuff before, and I’m sure he will sling that swill again.If companies can’t afford to pay Americans a livable wage for their work, they should go out of business. If companies subvert our labor and wage laws by hiring illegal aliens, they should be subject to the penalties provided for in CURRENT U.S. Immigration law.A $5,000 fine AND 6 months in jail for EACH illegal alien on the payroll would quickly convince most business owners that saving a few cents on the ‘bottom line’ is not worth it, after all.•••And someone took issue with Arts Editor Stewart Oksenhorn’s column, “Aspen Daily News story lacks all-star reporting”, published Sunday, March 26. Stewie and a few other staffers here at The Times were dismayed that Daily News reporter Andre Savail lifted whole quotes off the website of a band he was reviewing without once letting readers know that great interview they were reading was actually conducted by someone other than Savail.This is pretty common in this day and age of newspaper reporting and I really think you are over-reacting. Did Salvail piss in your Cheerios or something? His sources were legitimate as they came from the musician’s own website. The musicians did say those things, maybe not to him personally but to someone. He never claimed to have talked to them.Get a grip!•••One reader managed to connect national news about the sentencing of would-be presidential assassin Ahmed Omar Abu Ali with local news about a woman facing possible prison time for her role in a car accident on New Year’s Day 2005. Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was sentenced to 30 years for thinking about killing George W. Bush. Stormy Lindblom, 25, was actually involved in the death of Josanna Morningstar Reece, 22. Lindblom was allegedly driving drunk when she drove off Highway 133 and into the Crystal River, an accident that killed Reece. Lindblom faces 4 to 12 years in prison if a jury finds her guilty of vehicular manslaughter. The reader found a tragic irony in the disparities between sentences:It is ironic that on the same day that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was sentenced to prison for PLOTTING to kill President Bush that someone who actually kills someone only faces 4 to 12 years. Everyone who drinks and drives is PLOTTING to kill themself or others. Use your head when you choose to drink or smoke dope and call a cab or a friend. I hope this jury isn’t tricked by the defense attorney.•••And finally, a comment on a letter (“Maggert a threat to Carbondale,” March 29) written to discourage voters from supporting Barry Maggert, a candidate for the Carbondale Town Board of Trustees. The comment writer seems to be raising further questions about Maggert’s suitability.Mr. Maggert is a licensed engineer in Colorado but has a reputation of ‘stamping’ plans for unlicensed architects or ‘design/build’ firms such as Bob Walker. is this good for the community? sidestepping state licensing statutes?

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