dotComments: Clueless mayor, bong hits, pooping dogs |

dotComments: Clueless mayor, bong hits, pooping dogs

Aspens May election is nearly two months away, but online readers of The Aspen Times already have plenty to say on the topic. All manner of election-related news garnered comment this week at online poll question (Will you vote for Mick Ireland if he seeks re-election to the Aspen mayors post?) elicited this from a reader with the screen name you must be kidding: The last two years have been a disaster. Our mayor is clueless about fiscal matters.We need change. We also must get rid of Micks class warfare. Between his 14 or so years as an elected official in the county and city. Life has gotten worse. Much of the blame should go to Mick. enough all ready. The article Aspens campaign season ramping up sparked this from Topgun: Mick Ireland behaves rudely to Aspen residents and treats them with disdain. Mick creates unnecessary dissention among locals, but for Andrew Kole to call Mick rude and divisive is the pot calling the kettle black. In a town of such reputed sophistication, why is it not possible to elect someone with some class and dignity? Last weeks adoption of an instant runoff voting method by the Aspen City Council spurred this from 1978LivesOn: Oh cant you just see the writing on the wall when this hits the fan? And, the March 10 article Three join Aspen election slate prompted this from stopthegreednow: I hope that you will report substantively on this race and require each candidate to state their position on all matters, and report when they do not have a position. For example, you should be today exploring whether any of these candidates have a specific dispute with any votes taken by the existing city council, and, if so, why. It isnt really newsworthy that they want to change the dialogue if they don’t explain, specifically, what was wrong with the past. Further, you must, as a responsible news agency, ask the question whether some of the candidates have too many conflicts to be useful or appropriate for a public position. For example, should a Ski Co. or other major developer (WestPac) really be part of our government? Do they really represent the public as a public official MUST? These are the questions you should be exploring with existing officials as well as newly elected officials. Do the reporting, we need it! And speaking of City CouncilThe March 10 article Is the old youth center for sale? elicited this observation from blueblood: I watched this entire council meeting on TV, and I came away with a conclusion that shocked me: Our council really isnt bad at all. They asked great questions and seemed to genuinely care about all of the issues before them. And has anyone noticed that Mick is running pretty good council meetings these days? Pinch me. Kudos, or bong hits A March 9 article detailing plans to redevelop the Aspen building that houses Dominos Pizza, among other occupants, promted this from socialist: bong hits for redeveloping this shard of the old pre-glitz era. Go Skiers! The Aspen boys basketball team lost to Faith Christian at the state tournament, but earned praise from Skierfan: Coach K and young men of the Aspen Skiers, you have had an awesome year! All of you have made your school and community proud through your work ethic and comittment to excellence. Now, finish up this trip to state by winning out like we know you can. Go Skiers! Crap, again A March 9 article regarding dogs on Smuggler Mountain and open space ranger John Armstrongs efforts make sure dog owners understand the regulations spurred comments like this one from Private Citizen: Thanks to John for making this issue important. I find it amazing that some dog owners will step over their dogs poop instead of picking up. If only the City/County would give this much attention to aggressive driving…. Added snowlove: All the rangers need to do is watch for a few hours for a few days on the trails, and start issuing tickets to people they see walk right past their pooping dogs. That would probably help encourage lazy dog owners to clean up! Or, better yet, stand in the parks for a little while each day and do the same. Maybe our parks would actually stay cleaner that way too. Spread the deal A March 13 article regarding Aspen and statewide skier numbers brought this from aspenpackrat (who must not have noticed its not only premier passholders who can get 50 percent off on lift tickets for friends and family other passes work, too): If Skico really wanted to up their numbers they might consider catering to the locals! Not all of us, actually, most of us can’t afford a full season pass because they cost so much. There is no way that we will pay for a day lift ticket. Why do we have to find someone with a premier pass to get a 50% discount. With the economy the way it is, lots of us are unemployed and would love to ski or snowboard but cant because of the money situation. If you want your numbers up maybe you should offer anyone that is a local a 50% discount. Greed has gotten in the way of remembering who it really is that supports Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, it’s not the tourists, it’s US, the LOCALS!

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