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dotComments: Burlingame again

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There was plenty of coverage of Burlingame Ranch, Aspens controversial affordable-housing project, last week, and online readers of The Aspen Times commented on various articles related to the subject.Regarding a potential increase in the number of units to be constructed there, and a design that stacks them up, readers had plenty to say, like this for example: So Mick is going to use his gentle persuasion to convince Burlingame homeowners to add 64 additional residences to their neighborhood. They need to prepare with helmets as he will be beating them over the head to get his way. Here we go again. Then came this response: i want cheep housing for me and no one else! And also this: Typical of our little community of greed I got mine now I dont want anyone else to get theirs Everyone that bought there knew when they purchased their homes that there would be more built. SHUT UP! Local resident Marilyn Marks offered this to the online discourse: This is one of the many obvious reasons why we need a well-crafted plan with community input before we go forward asking the voters to incur debt. The bond issue measure is premature.Lets explore how we might use more density to enhance the livability at Burlingame. With enough density, and some creative thinking, we can add amenities to create a real community at Burlingame, instead of an island of units as the plan exists today. I urge the Council to challenge the Construction Experts Task Force to think more creatively and consider more progressive solutions being used in other communities. Create a plan which optimizes the incredible land value and the infrastructure investment at Burlingame, and creates more of a community for the families there.Mick is forgetting that his own campaign materials in the 2005 vote boasted that up to 330 units could be built at Burlingame, based on the pre-annexation agreement. Then came this: Will anyone be surprised when Marilyn Marks runs for office?More density will bring the prices at B-game down. Period. People living in B-game want it to be like Starwood, and thats not going to happen.(Marks, by the way, responded that she would be the most surprised of all if she ran for office.) Another reader, responding to the Aug. 8 Aspen Times editorial, had this to say: I give the Aspen Times a big thumbs down for not publishing all letters to the editor regarding Burlingame. Thumbs down to yesterdays Burlingame meeting which did not answer the question, Why does Steve Barwick still have a job? Regarding the second thoughts the city is having about asking voters to approve a Burlingame bond issue this fall, there was this: It is reassuring to see local politicians able to make the right decision to kill this bond issue. If there is any truth to the saying Think globally and act locally, there is hope that we are beginning to put a budget ahead of entitlements, at least locally. Now, if only we could get the state and national governments to do the same and prioritize budgets ahead of entitlements our country would have a much brighter future. Vail sucks An article detailing the Aspen Skiing Co.s ski pass prices for the coming season prompted this comment from a reader, directed at Skico spokesman Jeff Hanle and referring to the deal being offered at Vail this winter: So why not give the locals a deal Jeff? $579 sounds pretty good to me. The suggestion prompted this response: If you like Vail and the Summit County ski areas that Vail operates then go take advantage of the offer. Oh and while youre there, I hope you enjoy the crowds as well.The four mountains that form the Aspen-Snowmass Resort are far superior to anything Vail Resorts has to offer. This $579 pass deal is only going to make the already crowded Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone and Beaver Creek more crowded than ever before. Good luck to those who ski or snowboard at those resorts. While you might be saving money, youll be waiting in hour plus lift lines on powder days and weekends wishing you had instead opted for an Aspen-Snowmass lift pass. This pass promo only reminds me of the truth – and that is that Vail Sucks!

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