dotComments: Bumper stickers and pricey coffee |

dotComments: Bumper stickers and pricey coffee

Readers at found plenty to sound off about this week, including all things related to the upcoming spring election and the pending closure of a local coffee shop.Regarding the election, the March 26 article regarding the JACK OFF bumper sticker, urging voters to take Jack Johnson from the Aspen City Council, produced plenty of comment. Aspen Resident wrote: Where can I get one? Is there one for Mick too? Offered stopthegreednow: Go Jack! I hope you win. You are a good, smart, thoughtful person. Its awfully good of you not to be screaming about civility at this moment. You do stand for something, and that has the people who want to pave every square inch of this place terribly angry. But, you must be kidding wrote: I would not be surprised if Jack had those bumper stickers for his own publicity . After all why shouldnt he show the same disrespect to himself as he has to citizens with his rudeness and disregard for others opinions. Jack does not deserve another term . Time to vote Jack Off city council. End of an era News of Aspen coffeehouse Zls pending closure (March 25) also brought comment. There was this, for example, from 1978LivesOn: Oh great….I cant WAIT to see the real estate (slash) time-share (slash) high-end jewelry (slash) crap store that will take its place. Summer of 09…the summer of the bush debacle legacy! Private Citizen wrote: The time of expensive coffee is winding down. We all got too lazy to fix it ourselves or drink from the office coffee pot. I think the recession will actually be beneficial in the end as people realize how much money they waste on things because of their convenience in our too busy lives. The reader known as socialist added: end of an era. great location for a coffee shop. ZELE was acceptable but it really was all about location. i never did understand how they could afford the rent. the landlords need to take a serious look at how to make a new great tenant space there. On the bright side Hotel occupancies in Aspen are fading with the ski season, noted a March 25 article. On brighter note, wrote Lurper: Kinda looking forward to an actual offseason this year…… While shes at it A dog that has eluded various attempts at capture in Aspens West End prompted use of a local psychic to help catch the pooch (March 26). Suggested MrsDick: Ask her for the lottery numbers while shes at it. Remember when The March 23 article regarding local libraries serving as a place of refuge during the recession prompted this memory from kncb: the library always attracted hippies when the weather was bad. Just a teacher The city of Aspens efforts to further cut its budget by cutting various bonuses, detailed on March 25, elicited this from eroberts: Even worse, Im a government employee and I have never seen an over the top bonus, have never received a bonus for meeting my goals, my wellness benefit is less than half of theirs, and I pay half of my health insurance and all of my dental and vision insurance. Of course, Im just a public school teacher…. The ant speaks The Times March 27 article, noting The Red Ant brings a welcome voice to City Hall politics, but wont get a seat at the upcoming council debates, spurred this from mfitzgerald: Jesus, somebody at the Times needs to grow a sense of humor. Think Mayor, lost bicycles, for a good warm-up exercise. Marilyn Marks, one of the city critics behind The Red Ant blog, clarified: The Red Ant likely agrees that she should not have an actual chair and microphone at the official candidates debates. In fact, I believe that she agrees that there is not enough time now allocated to hearing about issues from all the candidates. She probably would not want to take away from their time. Particularly since, with the advent of IRV, we will have no run-off in which to really get to know candidates better. She hopes to earn a figurative seat at the table in the informal dialogue about the issues. You will see her there listening to all that is said during the debates, and no doubt providing her views afterward. Ill check with her. Stay tuned…. Marilyn

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