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dotComments: Blues over jazz, council backbone

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Jazz Aspen hit a sour note with one reader, while the city’s decision to post a reward in the tree-topper case provoked praise from another.In fact, online readers of The Aspen Times found plenty on which to sound off last week. Readers at can comment on any article, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on “Comments” at the top of the story. Selected comments are republished here without editing or correction.Jazz Aspen Snowmass President Jim Horowitz’s June 27 letter to the editor, “Thanks for Listening,” sparked a rebuke from one reader:Maybe next year, if Aspen is lucky, Jazz Aspen will consider the impact of the timing of the concerts in Aspen that “compete” with the classical music in the music tent? Please. We would be ever so grateful. Some people do not want to be forced to listen.Because it is an obscene distraction to hear the bass beat during a particularly lovely classical movement, we would hope that there would be a venue or volume that would not compete with the original aspen music scene.Yes, you bring revenue and life to the city and yourselves…but please do consider what you are doing to the established customers at the tent. Many are crying.Snowmass would love to have you back!• • • •On the subject of a $5,000 reward offered by the city in the tree-topping case, one former Aspenite had this to say:It’s so good to hear that at least 4 of 5 City Council members are willing to do something besides play “touchy-feely” with the moron who had those trees topped. I’ve always respected Helen, but she needs to get a grip. Right On, J.E. and the rest of you with backbone! -Margie Wilson (Still an Aspenite in my Heart), Grand Junction• • • • Gerry VanderBeek’s June 29 letter to the editor, “Stop bashing Latino immigrants, elicited plenty of response.Said one reader:No one is bashing anyone. US citizens just want illegals out. Everyone I know wants a fence put up and illegals deported. Why won’t the government listen to the people?Offered another:My job says I must learn spanish if I want to stay. This is BS because I love my job and have been here over 14 years. Illegals should go and legals learn English.I guess another Mexican will replace people like me.• • • •A June 27 article, “Real estate feeding frenzy devours local ranchlands,” prompted this observation:This article shows me that the ranchers are as greedy as the developers.• • • •The subject of cops and Tasers, particularly in light of a recent incident of Taser use by an Aspen police officer, continues to garner comment from online readers.Said one, in part:Its been my experience with law enforcement, that they are on a power trip. Some actually think they are above you and above the laws they they are supposed to uphold…. I know that it can be a most demanding job at times and a very dangerous job, but that doesn’t make it right to mistreat people.Another reader made note of both the Taser incident and last December’s drug raid at a couple of local restaurants, offering this observation:This reader submits that Aspen has a rogue Police dept. much in need of overhaul and replacement, starting at the top. This type activty defies the very spirit of Aspen, and all America All are diminished in their humanity, when such is tolerated.• • • •Finally, reporter Scott Condon’s June 24 On the Trail report, about hiking with a beloved dog who is on her last legs, sparked a sympathetic response:This tale is all part of anyone’s making friends with a dog, and the article is just testament to that final act of love we will all painfully experience. Good luck.

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