dotComments: Beer and a T-bar |

dotComments: Beer and a T-bar

Various letters to the editor caught the attention of online readers of The Aspen Times last week, including one defending Aspens Lift One master planning effort.Georgia Hanson, who served on the Lift One planning task force, penned a Dec. 4 letter to the editor (We tried hard and did our best) that elicited feedback from several online readers. The individual who goes by the screen name Private Citizen wrote: Although I appreciate the time given for this project, I believe that the scope of it is too much. It is not just that the lift has significantly moved up the hill, but that this project is given such urgency as if, by not building it, no one will come to Aspen. I believe that Lift 1A is like a HS sewing project, after putting all the pieces together, it doesnt fit. At least with the sewing project you can alter…once this huge project is done, you cant. DontComplain had this to say: Why cant we as a community agree to put the brakes on big development, especially that which produces more low-paying jobs? All locals get from this proposed plan is a place to drink affordable beer and a t-bar that will function a few months out of the year (when there is enough natural snow).Wrote mfitzgerald: Great letter, Georgia. But I disagree with the very first assumption that provided the impetus for the COWOP process: The idea that Master-planning produces better results than those that mightve been achieved by private individuals (the property owners, themselves) working with neighbors and City Council to develop their properties in a creative, responsible way. There tends to be an inverse relationship between the size of a committee and the quality of its work-product. That our lurching, Lift One camel is uglier and more ungainly than most committee offspring surprises me not at all. A twenty-seven member committee is enormous, and dwarfs those already wreaking havoc on Capitol Hill, supposedly representing the interests of state constituencies, but not really. Aspen did pretty well when it was just a collection of individual oddballs, each working his individual purpose out. Master-Planning is overrated. Greedy ratsRob Carney wrote a Dec. 5 letter (What we dont need) panning changes at Aspens Red Onion. The reader known as laffingbear had this to add: Landlords in this town have been a bunch of greedy rats for a long time. Lets see what they do now the economy is in the toilet. Probably go to Washington and ask for a bailout. Slow down and hike the finesA Nov. 30 online article, Accident closes I-70 in Glenwood Canyon, also generated reader comment, including this from vgbassman: I believe this is second time in a year that a load of pipe got dumped in the Canyon due to excessive speed. The first one was fatal! I drive the Canyon on a regular basis, and Im constantly being passed by semis that are speeding, and ignoring the no-passing restrictions. I would love to see stricter law enforcement on this vital, but very dangerous section of I-70! And, yruhere? wrote: We came through this mess yesterday, but not until about 9PM. It took an hour to go 7 miles, then to merge into one lane, to drive by the section of guard rail that is missing. This had gone on most of the day, it injured at least 3 people, inconvenienced uncountable more, and is totally unacceptable! When we went through there was no activity, and no law enforcement, just decent travelers helping each other get through the mess! There needs to be much higher fines, much more (and more strict) enforcement, maybe even legislation to prevent more lives lost and the loss of our only viable route to the east (in the winter for sure). I agree with the first comment – I have been stopped by a fuel truck overturned and other accidents that all involved trucks. We have got to slow them down! Maybe people could actually enjoy and appreciate the beautiful canyon that is practically in our back yard.

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