dotComments: Alleged assaults, sad day for Aspen |

dotComments: Alleged assaults, sad day for Aspen

The arrest of an Aspen yoga instructor for alleged sexual assault captured the attention of online readers of The Aspen Times this week.A number of readers took time to comment at after the initial article, Aspen yoga instructor arrested on suspicion of sex assault, was published Jan. 10. Most came to the defense of the accused instructor. Write the reader who goes by the name Wineguy: I have taken Steves classes on many occasions, and I find these charges laughable. Steve is one of the best teachers in this valley, and a great yogi. I have no doubt that these charges will be dismissed. MyNamaste wrote: This is a sad day for Aspen, as we run one of our most honorable residents out of town by posting these one-sided allegations on the front page of our cowboy newspaper. Yoga is a spiritual and sensual practice of mind, body and spirit. When an instructor can bring his clients along and help them in their own practice like Steve does, it is a shame that someone who voluntarily continues to come to his classes then turns around and turns his efforts into a criminal act. I have witnessed his work with others for years and there isn’t even a hint of inappropriate behavior of any kind. His classes are packed, because he is excellent. Everyone I have talked to has the utmost respect for Steve. There is nothing more dishonorable than these peoples attempt to destroy this mans life. Is that against the law? When do we get to read the other side of the story? Offered California Dreams: This is such a classic situation of of the offender being made into the victim. All of you seem to lack any knowledge or imagination about the profile of sexual assault.There was also this excerpt, from blueblood: Did everyone read the article? Three DIFFERENT women have alleged wrong doing. Wineguy, are you suggesting a collusion among these three different women when you state that these charges are fabricated? (It is, I suppose, in the realm of possibility. One hysterical overreactionif thats what happenedcan easily beget another and another and so on.) Gray on Gaza A guest opinion piece by Carbondale resident Sue Gray (What life is like for the people of Gaza, Jan. 8) inspired a lengthy online dialogue, mostly involving Gray and a reader who goes by the screen name Jewish Refugee, but plainjane interjected with this: This article is well-written and very thought-provoking. Its great to see this in an American newspaper – good on you Aspen Times! Im not sure that I whole-heartedly agree with Sues argument – there is definitely a core of Hamas who will never recognise Isreal or give up on the idea of armed struggle. However, there are others who would have been prepared to talk and look for a peaceful and diplomatic solution. Instead of working peacefully to isolate the extremists and work with moderate voices, Ireals whole policy seems to aim to just provide further fuel for the fundamentalists fire. I very much doubt there are any who will now be advocating diplomacy. After this extreme bloodshed even the most peace-loving Palestinians will be screaming for revenge. Complain, complain The Aspen School Districts desire to build teacher housing in Woody Creek over objections from Pitkin County (The gray area of Aspen teacher housing, Jan. 12) spurred this observation from blogger 888: Complain, complain about the school building employee homes (although only temporary rentals).. These places are needed for the school to retain teachers and other staff who cannot afford to live here. Yet around the rest of the County, monsterous homes are being built on huge lots of land to hog that area in a home that will not be lived in but once a year for a week. It makes no sense to me. Let the school build the units that are needed on the schools own property. Added snowlove: I agree. Let the school build the extremely in- need housing for its teachers! No need to waste time and money on a fight that should not exist. We need teachers, and they need housing, so lets just get on with it! Fabulous idea, biased reportingVarious articles about the proposed Lift One development in Aspen garnered comment, including this (Public to vote on Aspen Lift One, Jan. 15) from stopthegreednow: It isnt leadership to vote for this project, nor should you be scared that your taxes will go up if the development is ultimately defeated as it should be. Small community groups should not master plan large projects, particularly where the group is stacked with development interests. A public vote is a fabulous idea, but with this kind of biased reporting (where is there any discussion of what is wrong with the project?) it will be difficult to get the facts out to the electorate in the face of a well funded developer that will undoubtedly hire a PR firm.

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