dotComments: A fresh face among the boys? |

dotComments: A fresh face among the boys?

City Hall critic Marilyn Marks entry into the Aspen mayoral race was quick to attract comment when the April 3 article detailing her candidacy was published at reader who goes by the screen name Topgun had this to say: Congratulations to Marilyn Marks for taking on the boys and giving them a run for their money! Part of the strength you bring to the table is that you have NOT lived in Aspen all your life—so youre experience hasnt been limited and isolated. Aspen needs fresh thinkers with concrete action plans and I think youre just the man for the job! More power to you! Offered EagleScout: Ill be contributing to her campaign heavily. We need a business leader not a grouchy and unhappy curmudgeon as our mayor. I believe she has uncovered enough fraud and waste to more than make up for the jobs lost in City Government. When will the first hit piece be submitted by this impartial paper? Old boy friends, taxes not paid, speeding tickets, her dog is off leash, Bird feeders out after dark, non bear proof containers, driving a non hybrid, referring to affordable housing instead of the more politically correct community housing, I could go on. Said mfitzgerald: Go for it, Marylin! No matter what happens, now, well have an honest debate with all the facts laid on the table. Hopefully, our local media (you know who you are) will give this candidate a fair shake, listen to what she has to say, and resist the temptation to continue marginalizing her as a busybody gadfly, which has been their tactic since she first arrived on the scene.So move already Plans for a food bank in Aspen, detailed in a March 30 article, spurred this from fool watcher: Aspen is one of the most expensive places on the planet to live. When you cant afford to feed your family, its time to leave. This whole entitlement mentality that the Aspen government owes you housing, owes you food and owes you time to live the Aspen lifestyle is absurd. Get a job, save some money and quit with expecting hand-outs! Words to the wise? Times columnist Alison Berkley stirred things up with a handful of readers who debated the merits of her April 2 column. Private Citizen started the dialogue, writing: Im sorry princess, I just dont find your stories appropriate for a local newspaper. It bothers me that the AT would allow this dialogue. If I had a business, I would stop advertising in this paper. Responded mfitzgerald: Private Citizen, I used to feel the same way, but I have changed my mind about Alison. Read closely, and her stories are exactly what our kids need to hear about. A school of hard-knocks grad who learned from a few too many face-plants. Most of the people reading this stuff can relate and sympathize. This is real life told from a perspective of complete honesty. Thats not going to bruise anybody too badly, least of all the sophisticated, jaded, kids in Aspen High. Theyve been there and done that. So, its words to the wise, stuff, as far as Im concerned. Do as I say, now, instead of what I did. We need more of this, not less. Private Citizen followed up with this, in part: Sorry I totally disagree. I already know that what she is talking about is real. She hasnt gotten to the part where people die, kids whose parents are hung over all the time…kids having kids… owing money to everyone because it was used for the next bottle of wine or bindle of coke. Whos the fear monger? Columnist Addison Gardner also incited readers with his March 31 column. KingKrabby chided him with a lengthy comment that began: Addison you seem to be taking over for George Bush as the king of fear mongering. Responded dturner: You have got to be kidding me. Fear?? Obama has been doing nothing but screaming the sky is falling ever since he took his show on the road. The man has done nothing but compare our current economy to The Great Depression!! between catching his breath and beating up on Wall Street. All he cares about his scaring the sheeple into buying his socialist agenda, and, to that end, he has been scaring everybody crazy into thinking it is his way or the highway. You cannot talk about fear mongering, while ignoring Obamas nonstop fright games unless you are a completely insincere partisan. I think we know that shoe fits very nicely. Boops wrote: Our country is being destroyed and the Enemy R Us. Face it, our greed was the seed. We had to have the biggest, gas guzzling SUV, the widest flat-screen TV, the latest cell phone model or fastest laptop. On an insatiable consumer bender, if we couldn’t afford it, we put it on plastic. Our national debt grew like there was no tomorrow, until tomorrow arrived, and now we sit in stunned disbelief as our economic house-of-cards implodes around us. Stop blaming the 545 public servants that we send to Washington and look in the mirror. They are few. We are millions. We had a little something to do with digging this hole were in. Truly this is the real shock and awe.

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