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Dot. Dot. Dot.

Paul E. Anna

The late great Herb Caen wrote a column for the San Francisco Chronicle in which he employed what he called “three dot journalism.” It was a technique that allowed him to write a stream-of-consciousness column about anything that struck him as interesting.With apologies to Caen, the following plagiarizes his technique and allows me to go free form for just one week. I promise, just one week.So the Iraqi with the name that sounds like a terrorist group with an “I” on the end made an appearance in our little berg this weekend. Suppose he deserves some R&R … just like our 147,000 boots on the ground do … seems the trip set us taxpaying supporters of Forstmann Little back somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 for law enforcement, roadblocks, catering and the like … at least Teddy will reimburse us … not … Big Ideas Festival gets President Clinton; the au courant Forstmann Little conference flies in President Talabani; it would seem the well-heeled are in a bit of an arms race to see just who can get the biggest fish to Aspen … remember when the biggest fish around here came from the Fork or the Pan? … how will Goldman Stanley and Morgan Sachs top this? … the jury is still out.Speaking of juries, tell me you weren’t just a little happy to hear that his peers acquitted Fernando Leal-Ruiz in the Little Annie’s Raid … kind of a “Free Huey” vibe ran up and down my septum … it seems Little Annie’s had to strike a deal to show just how sorry they were for all the problems, despite the fact the only jury to hear a case sent it out DOA … this corner thinks maybe the persecuting, er, prosecuting law-enforcement agencies should be the ones giving up their license for a month … let’s all go to Little Annie’s in October and tip like we’re on a bender even if ICE tea is the strongest thing we can order. Boy, they sure have done a nice job with the Mother Lode building … all boarded up like the Bowery … the funny thing is that everybody who has anything to do with the place has plastered their name across the front … realtors, developers, bankers, you’re all going to make a bundle on the old Mother, can’t you spend a buck or two on some decent plywood … maybe a giant mirror to reflect the mountain?Yes, that is snow atop said mountain, and, yes, it did come a tad early … while it does get you in the mood, remember we are at least a month or more away from foreplay … still, enjoy, that’s why we live here.

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