Cut loose and give |

Cut loose and give

Paul E. Anna

Aspen, CO ColoradoGetting sick sucks.All over the valley, folks have lost their voices, been sapped of their energy and basically just feel plain yucky. Go to a pharmacy and the wait for meds is longer than the line for the gondola. Try to get a doctor’s appointment this week and you’ll maybe be squeezed in for the 2:45 to 2:50 p.m. slot. Then you have to pay, not just for the appointment, but for whatever the doctor prescribes to cure your ills.For most of us, it is just a temporary thing, the latest bug or virus going around. In a couple of weeks we will be back our feet. But what if that wasn’t the case?What if the scourge that grabbed hold of you wasn’t treatable with pills or shots or antibiotics and cherry-flavored Fisherman’s Friends? What if it was terminal and you were guaranteed that you would be fighting it for the rest of your life?Unfortunately, that is the case for the Pride of Patterson, New Jersey, and longtime Aspen fixture, Orazio Goffredo. Roz, as he is known around town and among his vast circle of friends, admirers, and even a few enemies, has taken a turn for the worst.A few months ago, I wrote in this column that he was down, and since then the health hole has grown. He has been forced to close his shop, Cut Loose, which had been the choice of Aspen’s well-coiffed for years, and his days revolve around doctors, drugs and the feeling that life is something to battle with rather than relish.What makes this so hard for the aforementioned acquaintances is that Roz has long been exhibit A for a life well-lived. In his 70 years, he has been a skier, a windsurfer and a climber, and has done all with passion and precision. He is the kind of guy who, as a stranger on a chairlift noted last week when I mentioned his name, has “a life force.” To know Roz is to know that whether he was skimming across the Columbia River Gorge, ripping down Walsh’s, or working on getting just the right color tones for some dishwater blonde’s big date, he was doing it all balls out.Living like that influences people, and Roz is currently benefiting from some of that influence. A valley resident, who chose to remain unnamed, has become his personal angel, spending days helping out at the house, writing proposals for drug therapies and offering moral support. Another valley resident (one who has always had a terrific haircut) has stepped up to offer financial support. This person also wishes to remain anonymous.To help further, an account has been set up at US Bank by Roz’s niece and nephew to accept donations. It is called the Orazio Goffredo Donation Fund, and you can stop in the Main Street branch to offer anything you can. It will be enormously appreciated.Here’s hoping you all are feeling better soon.