Cop, traffic, hotel fire up readers |

Cop, traffic, hotel fire up readers

Aspen’s newest cop, a possible public vote on a new hotel and a new idea to address Aspen’s traffic woes all provoked online readers of The Aspen Times last week. So did a Times editorial and the expansion of Willits in West Basalt.

On the topic of Rick Magnuson’s hiring as an Aspen police officer, one reader had this to say:

But, there was also this:

The Aspen Times online poll asking if the Lodge at Aspen Mountain project should go to a public vote prompted several readers to weigh in. Said one:

Countered another:

An Aug. 23 letter to the editor titled “Odd solution for entrance?” proposed utilizing an odd-even system involving license plates to halve the number of workers driving into Aspen each day (those with even-numbered plates get to drive on even-numbered days and vice versa). Those who can’t drive on a given day would have to carpool or take the bus. The idea had both supporter and critics. Said one:

Offered another:

And, there was this:

The Aspen Times’ Aug. 22 editorial, ” Landlords reaching a new low with rent spike,” prompted several lengthy rebukes, including this excerpt:

Said another, in part:

Last week’s Basalt Planning and Zoning Commission endorsement of 85,000 square feet at Willits Town Center prompted several online responses. There was this, for example:

There was also this:

And this:

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