Closer look at the amnesty bill |

Closer look at the amnesty bill

Please allow me to offer some insights the authors of the amnesty bill have neglected to bring to your attention.First of all, according to U.S .Border Control (, which has done exhaustive research, it’s 20 million illegal aliens, not 12 million.And, it appears that this bill would allow these 20 million to bring in their immediate family members – parents, children, brothers and sisters, and, of course, a spouse. This means that, at a bare minimum, it is necessary to multiply the 20 million figure by seven, eight or more.The truth is that this legislation is opening the door to 200 million people, the vast majority of whom are uneducated, unskilled, non-English speakers, with no love or loyalty for the United States.Our entire population is only 300 million! What could the Senate be thinking? Why isn’t this true number being used in the debates? Why would anybody wish to import a huge, permanent underclass of uneducated, unskilled people when our government seems incapable of helping Americans who are stuck at the bottom rung of the opportunity ladder?Crime statistics.Have you reviewed the statistics concerning the behavior of the illegal aliens who are here already? It might give you a good idea of about who you are planning to let in.Specifically, have you read the crime statistics: the number of felons per 1,000 illegal aliens; the number of pedophiles, rapists, drunken drivers, murderers, identity thieves and drug smugglers, whose numbers are now clogging our prison system to overflowing!I understand that the bill plans to weed out all of these criminals and, I presume, terrorists during the 24-hour period allocated for a background check. Twenty-four hours?How could the bill’s authors allocate only 24 hours to determine whether the applicant has a criminal record, either here or in Mexico, has a deportation order, owes back taxes, has stolen Social Security numbers, has TB, is dodging DWI violations or child-molestation charges?Be honest! Our government can’t even do easy stuff in 24 hours. How could they vote for a bill that claims to be able to do something as important and as difficult as a thorough background check on a foreign national in 24 hours? This bill was conceived, in secret, by a dozen open-border advocates without even the benefit of the committee process. Like all the failures of the past, it creates the illusion that it will accomplish both enforcement and amnesty simultaneously, while its true purpose is amnesty for uncounted tens of millions.The real solution to our immigration problems is enforcement. We need a few high-profile cases, where company CEOs who hire illegals are thrown into jail and fined millions of dollars. That will dry up the job market. And without jobs, many illegal aliens will simply go home. No muss. No fuss.If the government were able (and willing) to create working versions of an employee eligibility verification system and a visa entry-exit system, our immigration problem will vanish very quickly and permanently.That our government has failed to take these simple steps points to the real intent of our elected officials – and what we can expect from the Bush-Kennedy amnesty plan.Why are you even debating a bill whose formula is a proven failure? Don’t you care about our national security or our nation’s sovereignty? Don’t you think we have enough problems in this country without importing 200 million more problems? Don’t you worry that our Social Security trust fund will go bankrupt overnight when all of these people begin to line up for benefits?By voting this bill down or substituting an “enforcement-only” bill as an amendment, you could prevent the destruction of our great nation. You can save our language, culture and American way of life for future generations.Passage of the Kennedy-Bush amnesty could cause many elected officials to be voted out of office. But, sadly, it would be too late for America. Save America!Here is a chance to do some good. Put patriotism ahead of petty politics. Vote against any and all bills that seek to combine enforcement and amnesty. Eighty percent of your constituents will respect you for your actions.Pass an enforcement-only bill now, give it time to succeed, and you will find it much easier to pass an amnesty for any illegal aliens still residing in the U.S. Thank you!Candis Strasbourger is a resident of Aspen. Editor’s note: “Soapbox” runs weekly on the Sunday opinion page. This spot is a forum for valley residents to comment on local topics. If you’d like to contribute, contact Naomi Havlen at The Aspen Times at 925-3414, ext. 17624, or send her an e-mail at

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