Camilla Sparlin: Guest opinion |

Camilla Sparlin: Guest opinion

Camilla Sparlin
Special to The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO, Colorado

Shockingly, many people are paying no attention or have little interest in what is going on politically as this country approaches a fiscal, economic cliff. Our inconceivable $16 trillion debt, a good portion of which is owed to communist China, is now greater than our entire gross domestic product.

We borrow from China to support our entitlements that are all on a track to collapse. Congress, as in the case of Social Security, used the money paid in to fund retirement, spent it elsewhere – no “lockbox.”

We have half-baked political and economic philosophies from many politicians and voters. We are well on the way toward socialism without understanding what this political and economic philosophy will do to us. We ignore or are ignorant of what has happened in Europe under socialism. In all of its variants, it is simply government control of people and their pocketbooks through excessive taxation; people work for the “all-

seeing,” “all-knowing” government that is set up to care for its citizens as children from the cradle to the grave.

Simply put, who would want their parents to control their lives – their health choices – through a purse string? Traditionally, children leave home and stand on their own. Ask yourself, “How well does government work on a local level? How difficult is it to control a local government?”

Rather than having the national government working for us under the control of we the people, where we the people are directly responsible for our own laws and regulations, we give this up to a national government that is bloated, wasteful beyond measure and excessive?

Our president and others call for fairness! They need more of our tax money, our labor to continue the bloat! Where are the voices that demand a shrinkage of this obese fat man – the U.S government? Shall we vote for more of this Nov. 6?

No perfect governmental or economic system has ever been devised, nor will there ever be, as we are all subject to the corruption of power – thus the brilliance of the U.S. Constitution and our founders.

We Americans are dabbling with fire. There is no track record of great economic vitality, human vibrancy, advancement and creativity under socialism. Why have Europeans flocked to our shores? Creativity is fundamental to human nature. Socialism is counterintuitive to the human spirit, which demands freedom to express individual uniqueness.

Why do emigrants from Russia and other such regimes shake their heads in disbelief and bewilderment at our progress toward what they left? The Constitution, the greatest political document ever conceived, is in many ways already shredded. We are ruled by bureaucracies, accountable to no one; so like Gulliver, we are tied down by a million rules and regulations to the point where the giant – our once vibrant economy – can’t move.

We have a public school system that for decades has failed to educate, where students know little or nothing of the Constitution or our history; this ignorance has led to complacency rather than a “watchdog” approach to protect the freedoms for which so many have given their lives. We have a blatantly corrupt media with a blatant agenda ignoring critical information or subtly twisting information along with a consistent failure to research the facts. This has become the norm. Interspersed with so-called hard news are mountains of drivel – the dumbing down of America.

With our present political and economic trajectory and with the continuation of the present philosophies from the present White House and Senate, this country will never truly recover from what we are all now experiencing nationwide. There is intense suffering in many quarters of this country. With four more years of this political course, history indicates that every present economic indicator will become far worse. We are looking at the demise of this nation as we have known it.

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