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Bush betrays the working class

Russ Decker

Our president just vetoed the stem cell regulation bill that had passed our governing bodies in Washington. It seems our president is failing the people of this country. He has failed in some of the most important areas of his office. Our foreign affairs policy is a mess. The war in Iraq is now a quagmire, with men and women getting killed every day. His emergency response policy, which failed miserably in New Orleans, and now his veto of the stem cell regulations bill that would free up federal money for research.I guess what they say is true; the man has failed to do his research. How can this man be in charge in this country? Half the time he does not even know what he is talking about. Have we found any, even one weapon of mass destruction in Iraq? Have we straightened out the mess in New Orleans yet? Have we done anything on the foreign affairs front to bring the powers of this world together on any major issue? Has this man done his homework on stem cell research? The answer to these questions is no. Here is a man that bankrupted many a company before taking office under questionable circumstances. This man only represents the rich, the lobbyists and oil interests. What does this man do for the working class? Nothing. What does he do for the sick or elderly? Nothing. A small few run our country and it is becoming more apparent every day. This administration does not care one little bit about the working class.So now he has vetoed a bill that will affect millions upon millions of sick and crippled people. He once again said we would be killing unborn embryos that could be children. Wrong again. All this research would be done from embryos that would be discarded anyway. Does this guy even have a clue to what’s going on in America? Illegal immigration has been deemed good for business.They can treat these people any way they want to. They say nobody would do these jobs. Yes, well I say if they had to pay a decent wage there would be more Americans applying for these jobs. But then again, that would affect the bottom line: less profit, less money for business. Oh yeah, I forgot America is not about the working class, we just carry the burden of those who set policy. Another failed area for the guy they call our president.Well, after all I guess it is just an illusion. They say we elect the president. But doesn’t the Electoral College have the final say? I guess the popular vote doesn’t mean much anymore. So the working class has less and less to say about what goes on in this country. And more and more of a burden to carry from our policy-makers.We all can just stand by and watch the world go round, watch our country, the United States of America, become something it was never meant to be. We can stand in this illusion and let it become more and more negative, more and more burdensome for the working class. Being held hostage by big business. Or we can choose to stop electing officials who only represent the rich.Start doing your homework now. Many of the officials who say they represent the working class, our environment, the sick and the elderly, are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many of these wolves are coming up for election. Look to the working class for your next public officials. Make a change. After all some of the greatest men on this planet were carpenters, teachers, farmers, just common men whose ideas transcend all of history. So do your homework, start locally, think nationally. I will leave as always with a final thought … You can be whatever you want to be, at any time in your life.Russ Decker is a Carbondale resident with a working-class job. His opinion today is our weekly Soapbox feature, an open forum that allows readers to sound off about whatever is on their mind. Submissions to Soapbox can be sent to mail@aspentimes.com or nhavlen@aspentimes.com. Please limit them to 700 words.


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