Bogus global warming |

Bogus global warming

Have you noticed how we have been immersed in all these bogus “Global Warming” movies, commercials and scare tactics? The liberals talk about the neocons using “fear”; these scam artists are taking it to a new degree.The Roaring Fork Valley used to have glaciers; however, they melted way before the Industrial Revolution. Is it possible the earth was on a warming cycle before the horrible humans came and destroyed the earth they’re from? Mount Pinatubo released more greenhouse gasses than all of the Industrial Revolution. Max Mayfield, the head of the National Hurricane Center, thinks human-caused global warming is bogus. Funny how we don’t hear much from him on the television these days?There was a meeting in 1967 called “The Meeting at Iron Mountain.” Yes, your liberal, warmongering President Johnson and Bob McNamara were part of this meeting. The purpose of the Iron Mountain gathering was to see how government can control its citizens when there was no threat of major war. During times of global war, citizens will give their last penny and not ask questions if their taxes are too high and standard of living falls. However, during times of relative peace the citizens ask questions of their government and become restless. Citizens were becoming less tolerant of their reckless government during times of peace.The powers that be needed another way to keep a leash on their citizens. Poverty was suggested, but most of the world was poor so that wouldn’t work. Nuclear annihilation was temporarily used, but also didn’t have the effect they thought. Someone suggested environmentalism and the PTB began to listen. It has the same consequences and scary worldwide destruction as global war or nuclear annihilation. However, you can actually see it happening, such as glaciers receding on television, etc. … The citizens will pay new global taxes and give up anything as long as Mother Earth survives. What the “sheeple” don’t realize is that just because you see something doesn’t make it true.I understand the earth is on a warming trend. The sun is at temperatures warmer than has ever been recorded. Remember, there also used to be palm trees in Alaska. Two-thirds of the Gulfstream jets at Sardy Field are owned by rich liberals screaming “global warming, global warming.” If humans are so selfish to think they’re the cause of the weather, but somehow can’t control the weather, well, I think they’ve been had.Tom Anderson is a resident of Aspen Village.

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