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In the end, with gritted teeth, I voted YES for the RFTA “no increase in taxes” question. I have no idea whether the downvalley communities will approve of tax increases for themselves but, if they do, our rich little community will look like effete idiots if we turn our part of it down and put the kibosh on the whole deal – which is exactly why it was put to us as it was. No increase, but agreeing to spend tax money that was otherwise earmarked.************Don’t forget that YES means NO. If you don’t want the visitor center on Main Street, vote YES.************Yet again, I’ve gotten sucked into the World Series, but this time I got sucked in early on when the Red Sox made their incredible four-game comeback over the N.Y. Yankees. I’ve never been a Yankees fan, going back to the days of my youth when the World Series meant the Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers.The thing about football and the Super Bowl is that you can get into it for a couple of semifinal games and, after a two-week breather, get hyped for the Super Bowl itself, but with baseball it seems to go on forever, night after everlasting night, with the games going on to 14, 15 heart-stopping innings.What will I do with myself after the election and the World Series is over?Of course I like the scruffy Red Sox team and hope they win, and as I write this Sunday night I keep hearing screams from the TV set in my bedroom and have to leap up to see what’s happening (bottom of the 5th, Schilling pitching with his bad ankle, 4-1 Red Sox, not enough to breathe easy).One thing I don’t understand is what the hell is going on with the BATS, which explode into splinters on a regular basis. We can crack the genetic code, we can land spacecraft on Mars, we can orbit with the rings of Saturn, so why can’t we invent a BAT that won’t shatter on impact when it hits a hardball?************I was bemoaning the end of fresh tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market when the owner of the Westwood Farms booth commented that tomatoes are easy to freeze. What? It’s true, she insisted. You buy the Rome tomatoes, the oval ones, freeze them on cookie sheets until they’re hard as rocks, them pop them into plastic freezer bags.In midwinter, you can take one or two out of a bag, hold it under the tap, the skin will fall off and you’ve got fresh tomato taste in your salad. Off to the Okagawa booth for 50 Rome tomatoes, now in my freezer.************I went to the library to check out the five displays for housing projects at Burlingame, but was immediately overcome with an attack of the vapors – too shocked to distill my horror down to an actual vote on which was the least offensive. When whittled down to three, I’ll give it another shot.Su Lum is a longtime local who finds Bush the most offensive. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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