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Bears, bears, bears, bears

It seems as if everyone has an opinion ” an and an answer ” about Aspen’s bear problems these days.

In last Sunday’s Aspen Times, writer Catherine Garland chimed in about the issue with a guest opinion titled “Dealing with bears ” it’s us vs. them.”

Garland reasoned that the Division of Wildlife’s position that feeding bears only conditions them to want more human food, which can lead to their death, and might not be right approach. Feeding bears may not be a bad idea after all, Garland suggested.

“If only, I think, we could at least share with them the slightly bruised and imperfect fruits, the overripe bananas and other overripe fruits, and the grains. … I do not judge the authorities for the stance they are taking, but I do see it as operating out of an old paradigm that needs to change.”

That prompted a handful of comments on The Aspen Times website.

Said one:

Said another:

Another reader responded:

Which prompted this reply:

The online dialogue was wrapped up with this offering:

Last week’s article about the city’s plan to expand paid parking into the two-hour neighborhood parking zones drew a few negative responses.

Among them:

Said another:

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