Barry’s blog: The circle is complete |

Barry’s blog: The circle is complete

A few weeks ago I was editing some old videos of me and my family. At one point I stopped and took a picture of myself in front of my editing setup, because it doesn’t cost anything to take a digital picture. So … I had a picture of me looking at old videos of me. And I thought: If only I could videotape myself taking a picture of myself editing videos of myself – then the circle would be complete. You think those sort of things after staring at a computer long enough.What, one might think, could be more self-referential than a video of a picture of a video of oneself? Well, how about this: a column about a blog.That’s what this is – a column announcing my new web log, also known as a “blog.” In other words, a column about me and my new project which documents me. And there’s every chance that I’ll write about THIS column in my blog, so once again, the circle will be complete. I wish I could explain my growing fascination with the whole “circle is complete” thing, but it’s a mystery. I’m sure it’s nothing a bit of fresh air and exercise won’t sort out, and I’m going to go on a nice bike ride real soon. Just as soon as the circle is complete.About six years ago I got an e-mail from a friend: “I’ve tried writing a journal in the past,” it read, “but I just couldn’t get interested in writing something that no one was going to read. So I’m going to start emailing my journal entries.”I began composing a reply explaining that the “not reading” part is the whole point of a journal – people aren’t supposed to read it unless you’re famous and dead. But before I could enlighten him he had already broadcast his first entry, devoting several paragraphs on how the weather was so nice that particular day that he could wear a short-sleeved shirt at 4 p.m.Luckily the weather stabilized after about two weeks, and he was stuck for material, so his e-mails stopped.My other friends and I mocked his journal horribly. I remember thinking: Why would you subject someone to the minutiae of your humdrum existence?And now, as of just a few days ago, I have a blog. So far I have made three entries – the first one about the fact that it was the first entry, the second about a picture of ducks, and the third about going to the dentist. Talk about the minutiae of a humdrum existence. So, you guessed it – the circle is complete.And, like my friend, I am already desperate for someone to read my blog. Even though no one knows about it yet, I still check the “stats” page every few hours just to see if anyone has stopped by. According to the “daily-hit” graph, about 25 people have logged on so far. I thought this was very exciting, until I realized that the graph was actually displaying the 25 times that I had stopped by to see if anyone had stopped by, which, in a way, is its own little mini-circle completion.Bu my blog isn’t just a bunch of boring words – I’m including pictures, because I think that a bit of visual stimuli really makes things pop. So far I have a picture of a cat (not mine), a coffee cup, ducks (in black and white, very artsy) and me in the dentist’s chair.”I know this sounds weird,” I said to the dental hygienist as I fished the digital camera from my pocket, the nitrous oxide already flowing into my nose, “but will you take a picture of me? I have a blog.”- click -She’s a good sport.”In fact,” I added, after a deep, deep inhale of the sacred laughing gas, “I just had a great idea! I’ll write a column about having a blog, that way I’ll be writing about myself writing about myself.””Then the circle will be complete,” she said, picking up a shiny instrument and leaning over me.”Oh my God! You know about the circle?” I said, inhaling three times really quickly.”Of course, Barry. Everybody knows about the circle. It’s time for you to be quiet now …”Visit Barry’s blog:

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