Bad dogs and coaching kudos |

Bad dogs and coaching kudos

Aspen, CO ColoradoDog control in Carbondale and the coaching that took the Aspen Skiers football team to the playoffs both garnered comment from online readers of The Aspen Times last week.Several readers posted online comments regarding dog control, or the lack thereof in Carbondale, where citizens recently went to the Town Council to push for stiffer dog laws. Said one reader:Hoping that failure to discipline includes loud, hours-long barking as well. Offered another:Yes, stop the barking all over town at all hours. Stop the running loose. Stop all dogs from entering Bert & Ernie Park as per the towns own ordinance weve not seen enforced in almost 20 years. The sign says NO DOGS, but they go through there all day long, doing their business on private and park property where children roll in the grass. They trample homeowner landscaping, wet everything down, and the pit bulls, rots, and other vicious breeds run loose around children, and approach adults and children on private property. The city is asking for a huge law suit, only a matter of time before it happens.Then came this response:There is no such thing as a vicious breed of dog. Any dog that is untrained, unsocialized, tethered/chained, allowed to roam, neglected or abused has the potential to bite. Breed is irrelevant.It is the owners deed that should be the issue and the subject of any law. Not the breed, type or shape of the dog. Laws based on a dog’s appearance are unfounded, unjust, ineffective and fiscally irresponsible.I hope that Cloverdale will enact clearly defined and easily enforced all-breed dangerous dog legislation that will be effective, workable and best serve public safety. That would be responsible and just government.And, finally:I agree that all dogs need to fall under the laws for biting;, however, there are breeds who have a much higher incident of biting and attacking than others. Some breed histories have actually been bred for just that reason. We are concerned for all the dogs running running loose, but some breeds raise extra concern.Behind a winning teamThe Oct. 28 edition of the Aspen Times Weekly profiled the fortunes of the Aspen High School football team under new head coach Mike Sirko and featured a companion article on former coach Travis Benson, who roots for the Skiers though he quit amid controversy when Sirko was brought on board last year.Responded one reader:I was one of Travis Benson’s football coaches when he played for Aspen. He was an intelligent and classy player with as much heart as anyone. I am proud to see that he has kept his class and dignity through some tough times. As proud as I was to coach him, I am even more proud of the young man he has grown up to be. Good Luck to Travis and Go Skiers!Offered another:Ive said this before and I will keep saying it untill I dont need to anymore–Sirko has done a fabulous job–but he should acknowledge the debt he owes to Benson for leaving him in a good situation–it would be the classy thing to do.Then came this: Please. If Bensen hadnt been such a baby he would still be learning on the sidelines in Aspen and be a better football coach for it.At least no one shot at himBruno Kirchenwitz wrote a letter to the editor last week to complain hed been kicked out of a Basalt bar thanks to the tension caused by his U.S. Border Patrol cap. Kirchenwitz, of course, is the guy who lost his job at 7-Eleven in Basalt after a couple of Latino guys took offense over the cap and, police believe, later fired shots into the convenience store.Wrote a reader:Things like this have got to stop. This is why I stand firm in saying our rights are being whittled away a little piece at a time. You should not have been 86d just for that hat, if that is really the excuse. I am not calling you a liar, I am just wondering if the bar serves a lot of hispanics that just might be illegal? If you cap said Kill Illegals or something of that nature, I would balk at that because that is too extreme, but a border control hat??? Come on people. Illegal is illegal, it is not against immigrants. Hey, the next beer is on me if I ever run into you anywhere.Which was does it flow?Last weeks report on plans for a bathroom facility at the top of Independence Pass, which crosses the Continental Divide, spurred a question:which ocean catches the overflow ?Ski-pass robberyAn online report last week about Colorado ski resort Arapahoe Basin elicited this observation:I bought my Colorado Pass $449.00 unlimited to Breckenridge, A-Basin and Keystone. I got 10 days at Vail and Beaver Creek too. Goin skiing today. I guess Aspen is going to be empty by design? Local passes at Aspen for all four Mountains should be no more than $500.00 if you can get a pass for three mountains on the front range for $449.00? The Forest Service needs to step in and fix this robbery.Speaking of skiingLast weeks report on new winter rules that could open the back of Aspen Mountain to more users spurred this response:Do you know how many people go back there? Not many! Yes, SKICO wants it all to themselves and their rich clients. The others are just haters. Thank you Forest Service for letting the people use our lands instead of coroporations useing it for profit to sell real estate and keep the poor off the slopes. Wear purple, or somethingFinally, one reader chastised locals for failing to show proper team spirit during the Colorado Rockies appearance in the World Series, writing:Wheres the Team Spirit in Aspen??!! Im a Boston fan, raised right outside of Boston, always been a fan of Boston, and always will … This week in Boston and the surrounding communities & states would have been focused almost solely on the games! Business shut down early, people travel to Boston or the local sports bar to watch the game, most restaurants do SOMETHING to celebrate the world series … and here, in Aspen, the only thing Ive seen are hardly 50 locals at Belly Up watching the game … no flags on cars, most people dont even know the world series is on, much less whos playing, the Hickory House isnt even doing anything – they will have more fanfare Monday night for Monday night football then they have had for any game in the series thus far! its crazy to imagine that Im in the home state of the rockies – you’d never know it by looking at anything around town aside from the Belly up during the game … Ill be the first to admit that im a fair weather fan, but even still, I know who my boys are – when they are doing well everyone I know, baseball fan, fanatic, fair weather fan, or not a fan at all, everyone knows whats going on with them! Does anyone realise that the Rockies are playing in the series????Wake up Colorado and support your team! Wear some purple or SOMETHING!!

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