Aspen tests the freshman class |

Aspen tests the freshman class

The first ski season arrivals are here. They’re sporting spanking new Aspen Skiing Co. garb and trying to figure out which bus to board to get to the apartments out near Buttermilk.

They’re probably wondering where the snow is, too, but so is everyone else. I’m thinking their confusion doesn’t end there. Aspenites who consider themselves in the know probably don’t realize how much there is to know. Neither does the guy who thinks he’ll be flashing his grin at a steady stream of hotties from his plum lift op assignment ” running the Lower Tiehack chair.

Think you’ve got a handle on life in Aspen? Then test your local knowledge:

1. You were smart enough to secure housing in advance. You’ve lined up affordable digs in:

A. The Mine Dumps

B. The Holiday House

C. Twin Lakes

D. Marolt

2. Aspen Extreme refers to:

A. Local gas prices

B. Below-zero temperatures

C. Challenging ski terrain

D. A cheesy movie

3. Which of the following is actually a drink:

A. Straight Shot

B. Long Shot

C. Short Snort

D. Aspen Crud

4. You’ll know a potential romance is in the offing if someone wants to meet you for a drink at:

A. Whiskey Rocks

B. Harry’s Velvet Room

C. Club Soda

D. Poppies

5. For a reasonably cheap, but tasty dinner, head for:

A. La Cocina

B. The Red Onion

C. Pinons

D. Carbondale

6. Aspen’s favorite spot to canoodle is:

A. Jug’s Hill

B. 39 Degrees

C. Gent’s Swing

D. Silver Queen Gondola

7. If winter snowfall totals are a disappointment, blame:

A. Vail

B. The Farmer’s Almanac

C. The fact that you acquired a full ski pass

D. Global warming

8. You can get a feel for old Aspen at:

A. Little Annie’s Eating House

B. Lift 1A

C. The Pitkin County Senior Center

D. Crested Butte

9. You can score something free in Aspen in:

A. The alley behind the Thrift Shop

B. Dumpsters around town

C. The Main Street Bakery and Cafe

D. Local newspaper boxes

10. You know you’ll be back for another winter when:

A. You can’t make bail

B. You make your first descent of Highland Bowl

C. The Parking Department impounds your car

D. You never leave

If you answered A, B, C or D, you may be right, or you may be wrong.

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