Art Abelmann: A poem from the principal |

Art Abelmann: A poem from the principal

Art Abelmann
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado
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Six months already, in Aspen and now a New Year we ring,

We can share thoughts, educationally, what might 2011 bring?

Our high school with distinction and so much great press,

The success of our students we shall begin to address.

High achievement, great scores and college acceptance galore,

Let’s not forget that in high school we should focus on much more.

Athletics, co-curricular programs, music, theatre, arts and such,

Students learn from these experiences no less than classes and sometimes just as much.

We should value and honor the passions kids have with all their effort and might,

For instance the student band that plays at Belly Up – three seniors called Slightly White.

Experiences both in and out of the classroom, isn’t that what 9-12 is all about,

Why not give credit, extended learning opportunities, for such work no doubt.

Students, we want to help succeed and contribute to our community,

In classes with teachers, is that the only way, from 8 to 3?

The model is changing in 2011 and from here on in,

Gives each student new perspectives on learning, I predict a win-win.

Now issues in schools certainly do exist that we all need to address,

College admissions, peer pressure, failing students, adult and kid stress.

Where does it start, where does it end, who is responsible for those that fall through the cracks,

All of ours, administration, teachers, parents, students and community members, it’s on all of our backs.

Won’t mention school calendar, too smart to go there,

No high school student should fail, just does not seem fair.

Each morning, each day, in every class kids need to feel they belong,

Anything shy of this goal for a school is nothing short of being wrong.

Good mentoring, being a role model, and advisor you see,

Could make all the difference to that student sitting next to you or me.

When you are on top of your game … better or as good as the rest,

How to improve and make good become great, that is the test.

Please thank your teachers and the support staff in your school,

For it is they who make sure you do not go through life as a fool.

For all of our students at Aspen High School or elsewhere far and near,

The commitment we make is for you to graduate at the end of your senior year.

Please join me with appreciation to all the professionals who have chosen this career,

You all contribute to student success, opportunities and happiness in the 2011 school year.

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