Armchair quarterbacks come under fire |

Armchair quarterbacks come under fire

Aspen, CO Colorado

Last week’s resignation of Aspen High School football coach Travis Benson provoked online readers of The Aspen Times. So did the Dec. 10 story of the skier who lost his way on Aspen Mountain.

Both incidents produced a flurry of online comments. In Benson’s case, plenty of readers blamed parents for the situation that led to his resignation, while others debated the importance of winning, or not.

Said one:

Another had this to say, in part:

But on the other hand, there was this view:

Superintendent Diana Sirko’s role in the controversy (her husband was proposed to mentor the football program while Benson would remain as assistant head coach) prompted this observation:

Another reader, a former Aspen football player, had this to say:

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The New Yorker who lost his way on Walsh’s and wound up struggling his way down to the valley floor ” a seven-hour ordeal that left him with a torn ACL, garnered little sympathy from some readers.

Said one:

There was also this:

And this:

But, others took offense to the callous responses, including the individual who posted this:

Another commented:

The skier himself was also prompted to comment. Here’s an excerpt:

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