An Aspen original |

An Aspen original

People talk about bad hair days, but nobody ever says they’ve had a good hair day.No one, that is, except the lucky clients of one Orazio Goffredo. Who, you ask? Well, if you have to ask, you’ve not been in the chair at Cut Loose Hair Studio, upstairs from Kenichi.Roz, as he is known to those in the know, has been giving locals, second-homeowners, and lucky walk-ins quality hair days for 35 years. And this is no self-taught stylist we’re talking about. Roz has been on the cutting edge (no pun intended) of hair design since the mid-’60s, when he moved his shears and blow-dryer from Patterson, N.J., to Manhattan. As a stylist, he worked with the tops in the industry at a time when it was “all goin’ on.”In 1968, Roz set his sights on a life of adventure that most only dream about and moved to Aspen. He opened his first shop in 1970 and never looked back.If there is any question about Roz’s talents as a stylist, one need only cast a glance towards the well-coiffed jazz musician and wine aficionado Frank Todaro. Frank surely has the best silver mane in the valley, and he trusts his tresses only to Roz.But the beauty of Orazio Goffredo goes beyond the hair he cuts and extends to way he lives his full life. Roz has been an expert skier, wind surfer, motorcycle racer and free-climber. He has always lived on the edge, fearing no challenge and ripping when ever possible. He possesses a knowledge of the southern Utah Indian ruins that would make an Anasazi proud. For nearly a decade, he owned a home on the Hood River at the fabled Columbia River Gorge and rode the wind like few before or since. When he skis Aspen Mountain, it is with a grace and speed that defy his age.Crusty and cantankerous, Roz can alternate from being the sweetest soul you know to a tough, crude SOB in the time it takes to snip a stray hair. But those who know him swear the growl only hides the purr of a pussycat.Roz is under the weather these days, and in a recent reflective mood he sat, feet up, staring out the window, at the cross atop St. Mary’s Church and the golden aspens on Red Mountain. “I coulda stayed in the city and made some money you know,” he said. “But instead I lived. You know what I mean? For 35 years, I’ve had this view out my office window, and two blocks away I’ve got the gondola on the world’s best ski mountain. Pretty good I’d say.”Pretty good, indeed. If you know Roz, give him a call at Cut Loose and say hello. He’ll likely grumble at all the damn messages, but somehow you know he’ll appreciate it.

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