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Addison Gardner: Always Right

Addison Gardner
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In Cairo, three weeks ago, President Obama credited Islam with the “enlightenment” of Europe, post Dark Ages.

After praising Muslim innovation – algebra, pen and compass – (Babylonians, Chinese and Chinese) he credited his father’s clan with the inception of the European Renaissance, misappropriating credit mainly due the Dark Age, Irish monks of the Catholic Church.

He then blamed western “colonialism” for the disaffection of modern-day Muslims, when it was the Ottoman Muslims, themselves, who were the great subjugators of the Middle East; in fact, the entire history of Islam has been a colonization bathed in blood.

From the fall of Rome to the end of WWI, there has been nothing in the world to match it; the British and French mounted flickering, copycat franchises that lasted 150 years.

The catalog of Middle East colonization features 14 centuries of Muslim suasion by scimitar.

Whatever your view of Muslim “enlightenment,” the presidential icing slathered on the historical cake in Cairo included glaring omissions and distortions. Whatever might be said of Islam, “then,” the reality of Islam, now, is state-sponsored terrorism, tyrannical theocracy and sham democracy.

The June 12 pantomime election in Iran was only the latest episode in a flurry of anti-democratic antics observed, with antiseptic restraint, by an Obama administration which fears giving offense more than it fears student slayings in Tehran’s streets and alleys.

Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s impolitic president, characterized Ahmadinejad’s victory as “a fraud” early last week, and the U.K.’s Gordon Brown added, “The regime must address the serious questions which have been asked about the conduct of the Iranian elections … The way the regime responds to legitimate protests will have implications for Iran’s relationships with the rest of the world in the future.”

Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, spoke out following the first weekend of bloody reprisals, and condemned the wave of arrests following the Iranian election.

A day later, President Obama equivocated, “The difference between Ahmadinejad and Moussavi in terms of their actual policies may not be as great as has been advertised.” Telling reporters he wouldn’t “meddle,” Obama added, “Either way, we are going to be dealing with an Iranian regime that has historically been hostile to the United States.”

Talk about missing the electoral point.

Between pointing out, in Cairo, the “unfairness” of “some countries having weapons that others do not,” and endorsing Iran’s “right to nuclear power” (while the Ayatollah paddles between the largest oceans of oil on Earth), Obama remains a flaccid facilitator of Iranian aggression.

Jimmy Carter, speaking from the Palestinian city of Ramallah, expanded on Obama’s timidity, “I think this election has brought out a lot of opposition to Ahmadinejad’s policies in Iran, and I’m sure he’ll listen to those opinions and hopefully moderate his position.”

CNN reported, Saturday, that the mostly student death toll may be as high as 150, and “a stream of videos posted on Iranian social networking websites appeared to show demonstrators who had been shot.”

President Carter’s bullet-riddled “moderation” is illustrated on Iranian Facebook (Hijabbook?) for all to see.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his Islamic Republic Security Council announced that Ahmadinejad’s defeated opponent would be punished if the protests led to more bloodshed.

Moussavi responded that he was “ready to by martyred.”

Pretty much everybody in the non-Muslim world recognizes this as a teaching moment – an opportunity to brandish liberty’s torch – maybe even inspire calls for Iran’s walls of theocratic zealotry to be torn down.

Everybody but the world’s most powerful democracy, that is; America continues to recoil from this roaring Iranian mouse.

Twenty years ago (June 1989), the Chinese Army crushed student demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. The Red Cross recorded claims of 2,500 dead and 7,000 to 10,000 wounded when PLA tanks rolled into the square.

After the slaughter, the Chinese expelled the foreign press, and the government conducted arrests, show trials and executions. The families of the condemned were invoiced for the cost of the executioners’ bullets.

The memory of “tank man,” a slender student with white shirt and black trousers standing in the path of a tank column – facing down mechanized tyranny with a straight back – still swells every freedom-loving heart.

On Saturday, goaded off his chair at last, Obama decided to face down his mouse, and he brandished a quote by Dr. King, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

That must’ve atomized the Ayatollah.

It’s Monday, now, and quiet in Tehran. You can hear the paddy wagon sirens as the Basij militia sweeps hospital emergency rooms, arresting injured protesters. Doctors have been ordered to report serious wounds.

Families of opposition leaders have been rounded up. It’s time for trials and executions. It’s time to mail out invoices for the executioners’ bullets.

It’s time to alert ABC News, in its new Blue Room digs, that Obama will have something to add to his White House remarks on health care tomorrow night.

He’ll want to remember those dead Iranian students, with a trademark teleprompter epitaph.

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