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Addison Gardner: Always right

Addison Gardner
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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Americans lost another 345,000 jobs in May.

Even though the unemployment rate is climbing like a North Korean missile – it leapt from 8.9 to 9.4 percent in May, alone – Friday’s headlines trumpeted “declining job loss numbers,” and a “brightening light at the end of the tunnel.”

This whistling-past-the-crematory, media spin is about as silly as headlining the week-ago Air France jetliner crash – with its 228-passenger/crew fatalities – “No whales killed during sudden aircraft deceleration!”

In December – a month after Obama won his “historic” victory – Reuters trumpeted the news, “Bush economy loses 250,000 jobs in November: Most in seven years!”

The recession is now in its 18th month, and May’s job losses were 150 percent worse than they were at the end of December – the start of America’s “new era of prosperity” under Team Obama. In fact, May’s job losses – excluding the current recession – represent the worst one-month performance since 1980.

When the president convenes his all-star cabinet, there’s nobody looking back at him who’s ever stocked a supermarket shelf, delivered a newspaper, answered to a shareholder or met a payroll. The people now running our economy (largest banks, auto companies and financial institutions) have zero corporate experience.

Barney Frank – the genius who, along with Chris Dodd, gave us the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae disaster – is now placing direct phone calls to GM and micro-managing what it can do in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Multiply Barney’s phone calls by 450 (everybody in Congress will want to play), and you get some idea of what life’s going to be like for executives who work for “Obama Motors” and its kibitzing political hacks.

Think U.S. Postal Service.

Think Amtrak. Think perpetual red ink. Think crappy, unsafe, lightweight cars that no consumer will ever want to place a family in.

Obama has hired career government insiders to manage the private sector economy, just as he hired Leon Panetta – a 70-year-old government policy wonk with no intelligence experience – to run the CIA.

Meanwhile, the government “stimulus package” is stimulating growth in government; it’s the only entity adding jobs. American consumers are using their meager payroll increases to pay down debt. Household savings (paying down mortgages, car loans, student loans, etc.) rose by $132 billion in April.

Personal consumption – the thing Obama promised to stimulate – continues to shrink; massive government borrowing is driving long-term interest rates through the roof and elbowing private borrowing aside.

Keynesian economics (“government trickledown”) continues to not work.

In other news: President Obama continued his “reach out to Muslims” tour in Cairo last week (taking rhetorical potshots at America and Israel for applause lines) while the U.K.’s prime minister, Gordon Brown, was simultaneously releasing a statement condemning the beheading of British subject, Edwin Dyer.

Dyer was kidnapped while traveling in Niger this past January. His Al Qaeda abductors demanded the release of radical Muslim cleric, Abu Qatada, from a British jail in return for Dyer’s freedom. The irony is that the Brits were in the process of deporting Qatada, anyway – he couldn’t be tried “for lack of evidence” – when Dyer’s Muslim captors lopped off his head.

(Edwin Dyer’s execution available for Internet download, soon)

I had to do some digging to unearth the fact that Dyer had been decapitated, since the British media now defaults to “murdered,” or that it was a Muslim al Qaeda cell that had done the chopping, since the TimesOnline (UK Edition) prefers “extremists.”

During the same week that President Obama was recounting the horrors of “colonialism” in Cairo (America’s “colonial empire” in government school textbooks, soon) Al Qaeda’s website was proudly announcing, “The British captive was killed so that he may taste a tiny portion of what innocent Muslims taste every day at the hands of the Crusader and Jewish coalition to the east and to the west.”

Let’s see a show of hands, please: How many of you witnessed the saturation coverage of George Tiller’s (late-term abortionist) murder, with its endless repetition of his slayer’s Christian faith, and the systematic tarring, by implication, of anyone with pro-life religious views?

Okay, same test: How many of you read in U.S. newspapers last week – or learned, elsewhere in the American media – about the decapitation slaying of Edwin Dyer?

(Cue cricket symphony.)

Terrorist acts are now “man-caused-disasters,” and terrorists, themselves, have morphed into objects of sympathy – the victims of former “colonial oppression.”

The Air France flight flew into a thunderstorm, and Edwin Dyer flew into a “man-caused-disaster.” Stuff happens, when there’s a dearth of empathy on the Earth.

Even pasty-faced Prime Minister Brown had the backbone to speak the unvarnished truth, when he said, “I utterly condemn this appalling and barbaric act of terrorism.” He continued, “I want those who would use terror against British citizens to know beyond doubt that we and our allies will pursue them relentlessly, and that they will meet the justice they deserve.”

I pray that Gordon Brown’s new resolve infects Washington like the Swine Flu.

Until then, to quote Obama: “As’salaamu alaykum.”

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