ACRA ‘whining’ and other gripes |

ACRA ‘whining’ and other gripes

Soccer, cell phones, golf and more garnered comment from online readers of The Aspen Times last week.

The influence of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association ” or lack thereof ” also spurred reader comment.

Regarding the latter, one reader had this to say:

Another offered this advice regarding ACRA board members who feel their opinions go unheard:

Paul Andersen’s Aug. 27 column on sustainable golf rankled a few readers. There was this, for example:

Offered another:

But, there was also this:

An Aug. 27 letter to the editor lamenting unleashed dogs and cell phone use on RFTA buses elicited this response:

Last week’s news that a local thespian Kent Reed accidentally stabbed himself in the leg during a performance of “Julius Ceasar” spurred this online suggestion:

The prospects for Aspen High School boys’ soccer this season also generated comment:

An article detailing ski pass prices at resorts around Colorado for the coming winter also sparked a comment directed at Aspen’s pass prices:

An online report on the city of Aspen’s new initiative to sell carbon offsets for $20 each sparked this response:

The prospect of another Highway 82 signal light at Basalt continued to generate complaint, including this prediction:

There was also this:

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