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A gushing little moonbat cowers

Janet Urquhart

I returned from a few days off this week to find my e-mail account overflowing with response to an article I wrote about former President Bill Clinton’s appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival a week ago.Yikes. In nearly 10 years here, I’ve never gotten a fraction of the reaction that Clinton’s remarks generated. Naturally, many of the people who chose to e-mail me took aim at the messenger. For example:”You actually believe that global warming is a threat to national security? A bigger threat than terrorism? You are either ill-informed or a complete whack job.”OK, if I failed to make it clear that it was Clinton – NOT ME – who suggested global warming is the greater long-term threat than terrorism, then I apologize.Another mea culpa for referring to Osama bin Laden as an “Afghan rebel,” a poor choice of words that garnered numerous sharp rebukes.”Next time you will probably call him a ‘freedom fighter,’ ” offered one reader.”You might want to get your facts together a little more before your next Clinton puff piece,” advised another. “I guess Adolph Hitler would just be considered an angry German following that line of thought. Give me a break. Bin Laden is the most dangerous person the world has seen since Hitler,” someone else wrote.Switching gears, several readers essentially said, “who cares what Bill Clinton thinks?” Apparently, plenty of people. All kinds of folks had their underwear in knots, judging from my e-mail.To the many people who thought I was remiss for failing to ask Clinton any probing questions – namely about why he didn’t do any of the things he’s now espousing (re: global warming) – as I noted in the article, I wasn’t even permitted to sit in the same auditorium. I watched his remarks via simulcast. The president of the Aspen Institute and members of the important audience asked the questions.One astute reader quizzed me on whether Isaacson thought to ask Clinton the tough questions (apparently not).On why John Kerry lost to President Bush, plenty of readers had a different take than Clinton, who blamed Kerry’s indecipherable position on national security.”Clinton could sell a freezer to an Eskimo. Kerry doesn’t have it and neither does John Edwards. Find someone who can sell because that is what politics is these days and probably forever,” wrote one reader (who endorsed the governor of New Mexico as presidential material).While most of the barbs were directed at me, personally, Aspen in general took a few jabs: “You people really represent the limo liberal elitist effect,” for example.And, there was this about Clinton’s Aspen audience: “I’m quite sure that the gushing little moonbats in the audience held onto every word and stayed afterward to get that ‘I’ll never wash my hand again’ experience. But then, the air is thin in Aspen, isn’t it?”To critique any future “typical sky-is-falling lunacy from the ilk of liberals,” contact Janet Urquhart at janet@aspentimes.com

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