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A Gonzo-style rant

John Norman
Aspen, CO Colorado

I chose to respond to Maureen Markov’s letter (“Sign, sign, everywhere signs,” letters, Oct. 3), and though I shall tread on thin ice, I shall still carry a big stick! For it is my nature to be honest, blunt, opinionated, call it like I see it, no holds barred, wear it on my sleeve, no bullshit Norm!

Ms. Markov, I have not been through Woody Creek area in a long time. I agree it is disturbing how much 411 (information) is legally required by law to defend insurance companies, local and state government, and other well-to-doer’s, from the pursuit of frivolous suits (both the jackass in them and the lawsuits they bring to court). Do you not agree that it is regretful that modern laws and ordinances make many signs be printed in both English and Spanish? Hell, I thought this was America! You know, “Land of the free, taken from the Braves!” Anywho!

The answer to your last question:

Q: “Where is Hunter when you need him?”

A: Hunter sold out, and took the most selfish Door No. 1.

Writer’s note: I’m gonna sleep on this, just to make sure I word it right. Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t care if I piss anyone off, I just want to make sure I piss off with good delivery.

I greatly appreciated Hunter S. Thompson’s contribution to the literary world, and many would agree the founding father of Gonzo journalism!

It is commendable of you, Ms. Markov, to express your opinions and views in the Letters to the Editor. And Hunter, I am sure, would be proud of you if he gave a rat’s ass. Some days he may have given, and some days he may have not!

Wikipedia gives credit to HST posting, “The word ‘gonzo’ was first used to describe a 1970 story written by Hunter S. Thompson, who later popularized the style.” It later states, “The use of Gonzo journalism portends that journalism can be truthful without striving for objectivity and is loosely equivalent to an editorial.” So I take that as we letter to the editor writers are all pseudo-Gonzo journalists!

RIP, HST! But, I still think it is lame that he pulled the trigger! Was he listening to Ozzie’s “Suicide Solution,” or lost Doc Kevorkian’s digits?

I feel it should be a person’s choice to “check out” of their room if they so choose. But, I don’t know about a gun and all the mess HST left behind for his son and wife to deal with! I call lame on that. If you’re going to “check out” early in life, then settle your “bills” with family and friends and make it less traumatic for those who are cursed to find your lifeless form!

So, Ms. Markov, who does know where Hunter is? Most “Christians” would say he is burning in hell for the act of suicide. Atheists may say he is nowhere, for gods are nonexistent and there is no heaven or hell. Other religions may say he have reincarnated as an animal; maybe an eagle, and maybe a jackass.

Q: Who knows?

A: Hunter knows, ’cause he is there!

So keep up the good work, Ms. Markov, and keep those letters coming. Because you and I both know that those signs are keeping a comin’ too! And Hunter ain’t around to put in his 2 cents worth anymore. So we need to work double time … 4 cents minimum for us all! You got it … or if you’re religious then make it 7 (per)cents of your annual take! You gotta love “nonprofits.” That is my 4 cents of pseudo-gonzo para el noche!

I’m Norm and you’re not.