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A day for amore

Paul E. Anna

Valentine’s Day is our best holiday.It is the one day of the year that we devote exclusively to love. And in these times love is something we ought to celebrate. Daily.Since its origins in Roman times, the name of St. Valentine has been synonymous with love, requited and otherwise. It is in his name that the world stops as lovers cast aside all doubts, look each other in the eye and pop the question, “Will you be my Valentine?” An affirmative, for kids from 9 to 99, is one of life’s sweetest moments.There are those who say Valentine’s Day is too commercial. That a certain greeting card company in Kansas City and the chocolate factories and the rose peddlers and Victoria’s Secret have all conspired to turn the day into one mass buy-a-thon. But that misses the point. Valentine’s Day asks nothing but for people to look inside their hearts and share with the ones they love. It is nondenominational. It knows no color. And at the risk of offending those who should mind their own business anyway, it knows no gender.Sure, a card, some candy, a dozen roses and a pair of edible panties don’t hurt, but tender moments can be generated by a look, a touch, or even a well-timed kind word. One of the things about love is that it doesn’t cost a thing. And, as many of our friends, neighbors and their lawyers will tell you, it is so much better when money is left out of the equation.As Valentine’s Day is on Monday, you have a whole weekend to prepare a way to show your husbands, wives, lovers and others just how much you care. Perhaps it’s writing a personalized note to formalize your never-ever-ending devotion. Maybe it’s making a promise to make a change, for better or worse. Or maybe it’s simply ordering the roses, buying the chocolates, stopping by La Perla and making dinner ressies at Manrico.Only you know what will make your loved one coo with content. Just remember to do something. Because Valentine’s comes just once a year.

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