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A chief, a coach, the Holocaust and PETA

What do the Holocaust, Police Chief Loren Ryerson, Aspen High School football coach Mike Sirko and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have in common?

They all attracted ample comments last week from online readers of The Aspen Times.

Many online readers applauded the GrassRoots Television’s board of directors for deciding against the airing of a Holocaust-denial film, while a judge was taken to task for ordering a man, who illegally baited and killed a bear, to pay $500 to PETA. There were critics and supporters of the embattled Ryerson, who’s on administrative leave because of a sexual harassment investigation. And a column written by sportswriter Jon Maletz, who praised coach Sirko for his team’s meteoric rise this year, elicited many remarks as well.

One reader said Ryerson may have many supporters, but sexual harassment is inexcusable, and offered this observation:

Other online readers offered support.

A supporter of broadcasting the film prompted this comment:

There was also this comment:

Wrote one reader, sans the aid of spellcheck or a proofreader.

And there was this:

There were plenty of readers upset with Judge Buss’ order for the hunter to pay up to PETA.

Here’s one sampling:

PETA also had at least one supporter, who offered this:

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