Colson: Russians offering protection for Trump? |

Colson: Russians offering protection for Trump?

John Colson
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John Colson

We all know by now (or should know) that our system of governance here in the USA is under assault by radical-fringe maniacs of the authoritarian persuasion, but did you know that the leader of this assault, former President Donald J. Trump, has recently been offered protection by Russian security forces?

It’s sort of true, even if it is a snide joke, at least according to recent published reports.

On Aug. 12, the news outlet The Daily Beast published a summary of Russian propaganda/news outbursts that purported to show “concern” for the state of democracy in the United States and offering help.

Apparently, the ongoing debacle proceeding from Trump’s four years in the White House (and his loss of that job in 2020 and his attendant lies about election fraud) is a source of unmitigated glee among Russia’s media elite.

Vitaly Tretyakov, dean of Moscow State University’s School of Television, who called Russia “the last free generation of humanity,” was among those who facetiously suggested that Russia could help us repair our democracy, and who congratulated Trump for his recent refusal to answer questions during a deposition in a New York State investigation.

These offers of “help” come from the same nation that used its cyber-brigades of hackers to destabilize U.S. presidential politics in 2016 to the point where Trump surprised even himself by narrowly winning the election and proceeded to do his best to dismantle our government from the inside out.

Among these Russians’ recipes for repairing this country was the idea of taking in America’s homeless children and transporting them to Russia, where “we can … raise them — normally, without gays and transgenders, in normal, classic culture,” in Tretyakov words.

Aside from that particular absurdity, Russian talking TV heads expressed concern that Trump is in danger of political assassination. Their proof? Nothing less than the recent FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida to recover classified documents he had been hiding in his closet, or a storage room, or some other dark place (I’ll leave that last one to your imagination).

Another talking head in Moscow, a supposed “military expert” named Igor Korotchenko (he’s the one who came up with the homeless-kids concept) is given credit for the idea that Trump needs protection from the liberal elites that Trump claims (and these Russians seem to agree) are behind all the “witch hunts” and other anti-Trump machinations that so outrage the former president’s base of supporters.

Yet another talking head, Yevgeny Popov, host of Russian state television’s show, “60 Minutes” and a member of the national Legislature, suggested, “We should ask (Russia’s) Federal Security Service to start protecting our Donald.”

Yes, that’s correct. According to The Daily Beast’s reporting, Popov did say “our Donald.”

Maybe now you’re getting a little better grasp of why Trump became Russian President Vladimir Putin’s No. 1 fan early in the Trump presidency, and why Trump has yet to back off from that toadying position.

Not only did Russia help him get elected, it now wants to help him avoid the consequences of his lies, his crimes and whatever else he might be facing. Whether that help would be in the form of sending Russian operatives to Florida, or perhaps bringing the former president to Russia where he could live out his days in a luxurious dacha outside of Moscow, we don’t yet know.

I guess we should be grateful for the offer, since getting Trump out of this country by any means is a goal worth pursuing: We certainly cannot afford another four years under his thumb.

And one of the big reasons we have to keep Trump away from the White House, the “nuclear football” and the other trappings of presidential service, has become all too clear with recent reporting about Trump’s efforts to corrupt the top generals in the U.S. military and use troops to keep Trump in power.

The New Yorker magazine reported in its Aug. 15 edition, at length and in detail, how far Trump went to hang on to the presidency, including his efforts to declare a state of emergency, or martial law, and sic the military on the U.S. citizenry.

We’ve already heard him lament that “his” generals were not as devoted to him as Adolf Hitler’s generals were to Der Fuhrer. This article gives context to that whining, petulant declaration, and shows how our military leaders held fast against Trump’s outlandish demands and plans.

And over the weekend, his minions around the nation reacted with bile, violence and threats of violence to the news of the FBI search of Trump’s Florida compound at Mar-a-Lago. Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies around the country were bracing for, well, they weren’t sure what might be coming, but they know it is likely to be trouble.

And this is the man that millions of voters, destabilized and discouraged by bigotry, fear and ignorance, are ready to put back in the White House as their desperate bid to maintain white dominance in this country.

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