Collins: No lamenting here

Is Aspen better now or then? The definition of then is when one first arrived. For the so-called newbies this is the best of times.

Life is about loss and change. Those who adapt will succeed. I like so many others, I arrived with nothing except pocket change and an old pair of skis. Somehow I survived and thrived.

My story started 50 years ago living in the back of a 58 Chevy pickup at the Highland’s parking lot. I soon made many friends and they helped me find work, a warm animal house to live and a party that was unrivaled.

Aspen provided a beautiful wife and family, wonderful friends, a dream job that allowed me to compete on the world stage in motor sports and a modest comfortable lifestyle. Thank you.

Without you I would not be who I am. To the freshman class I say enjoy every ski day, work hark and thank Aspen for the ride. For the old-timers remember the skiing is far better now and Aspen gave you an unbelievable experience.

Adapt to the new Aspen and remember what it gave and continues to give. It was never easy to live here and never will be. There are very few places on earth that allows the tolerance, freedom and fun that Aspen provides. Enjoy!

Tom “T.C.” Collins

El Jebel