Cohen: The right move |

Cohen: The right move

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I strongly support Joe DiSalvo for sheriff, and he has my vote!

He is hard-working, dedicated, highly visible, performs his job with integrity, thoughtful and caring, acts in the best interests of the community, keeps our community safe, is a leader and role model, and is well respected by other Colorado county sheriffs.

It is a pleasure to interact with our deputies, even if you are going down the highway too fast. They are respectful, approachable, articulate and helping to keep our community safe — well led by Sheriff DiSalvo. 

As parents of adult twins raised in this valley, my late husband and I called on Joe for his advice more than once. He always made time for us, and I will always be grateful.

How many public servants have also started a fundraiser that benefits non-profits such as The Aspen Hope Center, Huts for Vets, and Covid Relief? This is an amazing commitment to our community from our sheriff. 

Some may think that voting in Michael Buglione will bring a fresh approach. This is misguided:

  • Talk of housing for deputies: No articulated or cohesive plan for subsidized housing. Just talk.
  • Chaperone fail at Bumps: No accountability for not showing up and then deflecting his responsibility to other parties, including his daughter and his employer — not cool. 
  • Lack of experience: Supervisory experience limited. Served the Sheriff’s Office, but only one level over patrol officer.
  • Divisive campaign: Full of misinformation about a new jail. Joe DiSalvo has said from the beginning that the jail should be improved and that any decision for a new jail would be made by the county commissioners. 

We already have 37-plus years of knowledge and experience in Joe DiSalvo, and 12-plus years as our sheriff. Please vote for Joe, folks. iI is the right move.

Elise Cohen