Coddington III: Chance to address inmate needs |

Coddington III: Chance to address inmate needs

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a licensed clinical social worker, I remain grateful for the opportunity to have provided much needed services to Pitkin County inmates for a period of one and a half years.

While working with inmates, I provided mental-health and substance-abuse counseling. Additionally, I offered jail-based behavioral health services to support healthy re-entry transitions. Such services became even more valuable while inmates were adjusting to being transferred to the Garfield County Detention Facility in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

We remain fortunate Garfield County graciously continues to provide accommodations for Pitkin County inmates. This act of cooperative support places increased pressure on jail staff on a daily basis.

During my tenure working with Pitkin County inmates, I came to a greater understanding of the challenges and need to explore and implement an even more holistic approach to serving the incarcerated.

Fortunately, our community has the willingness and capacity to address these challenges. We now have a timely opportunity as a community to address the structural and holistic needs of those involved in our local criminal-justice system. 

Jim Coddington III