Clayton: High-flying experience |

Clayton: High-flying experience

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Aspen community: What a wonderful summer it’s been, as we’ve persevered through the continued COVID situation!

As we approach the off-season, we kick off the start of many charitable events that bring us all together, initiating change for the causes that we hold close to our hearts. 

This Saturday, the Aspen Flight Academy (AFA) is organizing its annual fundraiser. Recently, we’ve all experienced the unpredictability of travel, as getting to and from Aspen might as well be like traveling to the moon. There is a genuine need for additional pilots, so excuses for canceled and limited flights can occur less often.

Hence, why I am writing to The Aspen Times editor now. Not only do I want my travels to be less stressful, but I also stand for all that the AFA offers. 

The academy empowers youth and adults to learn about the joys and responsibilities of flying, providing students with classroom/flight training needed to pilot aircraft. AFA is a flight-training-school nonprofit organization that allows students to become certified pilots.

It also offers an elective course with the help of the Aspen School District and the AFA. You heard me right. How cool is this?

Of course, this is another expensive sport/hobby/activity in our valley, yet I acknowledge that scholarships are essential to make this happen. I commend the AFA for all their efforts to work and raise money, so that all are included in this dream of flying sky high. 

I encourage you to attend this event and/or consider investing in AFA’s mission, so that students continue to have the opportunity to take flight. 

I’ll be at the hangar on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3p.m., and I hope you will, too!

Taylor Clayton