Christianson: You have no clue

Yes, politics do bring out the worst of us, especially you, Paul Menter. I read your condescending account of Christine Blassey Ford’s testimony regarding Kavanaugh (Aspen Daily News, Oct. 19). Paul, you have no idea what the memory of any woman has when she has been abused or raped. “Unclear”? I doubt it. 

You, and men in general, have no right to dictate what women choose. Sexual assaults are the most prevalent crimes in the United States, and the most underreported. The statistics are very disturbing. In 2019, over 652,676 women were raped — 90% are female.

Do you think some of them got pregnant? Believe me, if men got pregnant, the government would be paying for abortions. It’s a disgrace that Kavanaugh is on the U.S. Supreme Court. Also, to call the judicial committee hearings “salacious”: Are you referring to the Jan. 6 committee? Meaning “undue or inappropriate interest.” To criticize journalists, publishers for being slanted or sensational is only to avoid looking at the facts. Now, my blood pressure is coming down.

Kendall Christianson

Glenwood Springs