Chenoweth: Insist on diplomatic solutions for Ukraine |

Chenoweth: Insist on diplomatic solutions for Ukraine

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

OK, everyone: Time to face up to the very real and looming possibility that the intensification of this Russian/Ukrainian, NATO/American, globalist proxy war has already led us into World War III. There still may be time for diplomacy and resolution, but all of us — no matter what our political persuasion — must now fearlessly make it known to our local, state, and federal officials that they must immediately find diplomatic, de-escalating solutions to stop this madness.

I certainly haven’t heard anything about finding diplomatic solutions, have you? 

We can’t be fooled again, can we? And now the threat is nuclear. Yes, what’s happening in Ukraine is horrifying. Putin is certainly a war criminal, and our hearts go out to these poor people. But please, step back, and get a whiff of the danger we’re all in if this proxy war isn’t resolved diplomatically.

I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of it, but I sure can smell a putrid pack of war-like, nefarious, totalitarian-minded rats scurrying around the globe. Can’t you? Their hidden networks of turd-filled nests have now infested just about every major sector of our society. 

Sounds a little crazy, I know (And I sincerely hope I’m the loon), but it’s just that history is filled with super-crazies who simply want to kill people and destroy everything good.

Our planet and way of life (especially in America) is just too precious and beautiful! We simply can’t let it be destroyed! Please, now is the time to loudly make all our voices heard. Contact everyone you know to speak out to their public officials. Do whatever you can to push our politicians toward finding diplomatic solutions to end the war in Ukraine! It may be now or never — so don’t delay!

Jackie Chenoweth