Chandler-Henry: Skills, experience would translate well |

Chandler-Henry: Skills, experience would translate well

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Please vote for Linn Brooks as director for the Northern District when you get your ballots for Holy Cross Energy. I have worked with her over many years in her role as general manager for another big and complicated utility, the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District.

Her engineering intelligence, leadership skills, and vision will ensure the energy our communities need for a thriving future. Holy Cross has big decisions on the horizon concerning rates for consumers. Her experience with water rates and equity issues will be critical resources for the new board.

Linn states: “In water-utility management, I found that water and power issues related to climate change often intersect, leading to potential innovations in both sectors. I want to join the Holy Cross team to continue helping members and local governments meet their climate action goals, ensure rates are equitable as patterns of energy distribution and use adapt, and include the voices of the diverse Holy Cross membership in decision making.”

She’s a hard worker, a good communicator, and dedicates her talents to whatever work she takes on. There are many excellent candidates running for this board seat. I urge you to cast your ballot for Linn Brooks.

Kathy Chandler-Henry