Caudill: Can see big picture

Kelly McNicholas Kury is running for re-election as county commissioner. I have known and worked with Kelly for a decade and am impressed with her work ethic and integrity. 

She is an experienced county commissioner and now asks for a well-deserved second term. She’s worked as a public servant and her education complements her role as a commissioner. Kelly served as an aide at Colorado’s Capital, has developed strong relationships with our statewide elected and communicates to them Pitkin County’s needs. As Pitkin County election manager, she elevated the performance of the department, with integrity, helping to set Colorado’s Gold Standard for elections.

Additional knowledge she brings to the position includes her undergraduate work in anthropology and Peace Corps service, which has cultivated her deep empathy for people, and her masters work in public policy and democracy has stewarded her commitment to sound and effective government. 

Kelly’s mantra, while working with me, is: “Go slow to go fast.” She studies the topic, listens, strives to do the right thing, do it right, and works steadily to accomplish the task. My experience with Kelly is that she is ingrained in the Pitkin County community’s culture, has shown her ability with legislation, astute to county liability and legalities, understands entirety of county operations, budget acumen, human resources capital, and has the aptitude to step back and see the big picture. 

Kelly McNicholas Kury brings professionalism, knowledge and experience, work ethic and integrity to the Pitkin County Board. I invite you to join me in voting for Kelly Kury for a second term as Pitkin County commissioner. 

Janice Vos Caudill