Cassar: Airport a health issue? |

Cassar: Airport a health issue?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Re: The airport expansion: I am concerned about the aviation exhaust downwind from the airport. I don’t ski Buttermilk or take guests there because I find the smell of aviation exhaust offensive and it makes me sick to my stomach. 

I hear concerns about the tots skiing Panda Peak and I would like to lend a voice to the kids who are being exposed to these emissions. Friends at North Forty and Burlingame too have all expressed concern about pervasive noise and fumes. 

What impact is this having on our health with a busy airport at such close proximity to so much housing?

Can we get the EPA to do an objective assessment of  the health hazards at these concentrations? Should we build a hundred million $ public housing project right downwind from these exhaust emissions? 

A friend asked me what do we do about this problem.  I doubt we can move the airport. Aspen! What do we do?  Perhaps the county taking charge of FBO is one.  Let’s not give all our power away.

Ivan Cassar