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Caskey: How I read it

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was disappointed earlier to read a couple of weeks ago that The Times will not publish political endorsements this year. For decades many of us have looked to The Aspen Times endorsements as we consider who to support in local political races.

However, what I read in Don Rogers’ column Monday (“Campaign trail turns … tricky”) came across to me as a political endorsement, only thinly veiled. 

After criticizing Kelly McNichols Kury’s energetic defense of her own work as a Board of County Commissioners member and legitimate hard-working citizen, you went on to confess your own months-long pique with Kury because she, along with so many of us, criticized Aspen Times’ approach to an earlier development issue at the base of Aspen Mountain.

It is my opinion that you attempted to demean Kury’s measured response and then went on to confess to us readers that you are still having trouble with her … and her “coterie” based on an earlier unrelated incident.

Either you are going to make fully considered political endorsements or not. Please go back to the proper original form of Aspen Times endorsements only after a full discussion with your editorial board.

Suzanne D. Caskey