Caskey: Heartbreaking grief, and such strength |

Caskey: Heartbreaking grief, and such strength

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is impossible to remain silent after reading Lucas Lee’s column (The Aspen Times, Dec 7) “Grief I never could have imagined.”

His description of the unimaginable grief following the death of his parents brought tears to my eyes once again. Oh, how I admire his courage in writing about that painful time in his young life since the writing of a time of grief forces one to relive it.

Yet, he taught us all a most valuable lesson in passing on all he learned from Pathfinder’s Alison Daily, as she helped guide him into the radical acceptance it takes to come out of such grief bearing and work in order to move forward having learned so much about oneself.

The lesson he has now taught us is that it grief requires us to look into its eyes and confront it and: “If we talk about it, it has less control over us than if we don’t.”

Just as we watched as Lucas confronted the first pain of loss with maturity and grace beyond his years, again he is here to teach us what he is learning about living life as bravely as possible … and we are again learning by his example that it is wise to seek help when we need it.

I hope he can still feel this entire community’s arms around him. We remember it takes a village, and we are here, Lucas.

Suzanne Caskey